MEAT: (376) sure you go towards the end of this entry.
something you may like is at the bottom
(or top)?

i could do with this right about now…

tumblr_mnscp1JgBl1rizv5ro1_400drippin all over me.
what about you?

lowkey: head to my tumblr for a reblog i just did.
allegedly someone important son,
that everyone wants to fuck,
just got put out there:

x click here to see the “uh oh” moment

all i gotta say is:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “MEAT: (376)”

  1. Damn that man is fine.

    That Justin shit is prob. fake. Think about it. Everyone knows Diddy is bisexual. If his son was in the life, Diddy prob. would know, and he damn sure wouldn’t be on a chat site. Diddy would be hooking him up left and right.

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