Um, Is Ginuwine On That Shit?

ginudrugsoh ginuwine.
okay so true story….
i started getting checkin’ ginuwine around “in those jeans” and “stingy”.
god i loved stingy.
i really got into him when a groupie vixen i knew said she fucked him.
this was her dick report:

“he has a big dick,
knows how to use it,
and i want to fuck him again.”.

that’s when i said, “sold”.
this ginuwine below,
the one performing with tgt on wlny’s “the couch”,
is not the wolf i crushed on couple years back.
an f-bi sent this video and i nearly cringed…

27wrt38ima get into elgin in a second.
is it me or did they sound TERRIBLE????
all over the place.
they sounded like they literally performed that song for the first time.
bad enough like they didn’t know each other beforehand.
they don’t need to be in a group.
that being said,
WTF was ginuwine doing?
he was singing like he didn’t know the words.
he was also mouthing the words too.
maybe it was just morning jitters?
too much coffee?
lack of sleep?
no sex?
bubble gutz?
child support payments coming up?
ginuwine whats wrong?
you need to fix it.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Um, Is Ginuwine On That Shit?”

  1. Ill take that shirt Tank had on.
    This group hasn’t been together more then 5 minutes & already it has abusers.
    G seemed as if he was on speed or heroin; I hope he’s okay.

  2. I know a girl who had sex with Ginuwine too!!! She also said it was good. He admitted he was a ho anyway and he also got 13 kids so there you go.

  3. I don’t know what went on here. All three of them can sing. Bad day? I’ve never heard them perform this song before, so maybe that was the problem.

    Not sure what’s going on with Ginuwine. I’ve never known him to be on anything.

  4. Oh my that was hard, couldnt finish watching. They need to call TV-1 and ask them to make a male version of the R&B Diva’s show, call Joe and Jaheim and round out the cast and Im sure it will be just as exciting as the Diva’s show. Use to have crushes on Ginuwine and Tank back in the day, both actually still look good to me. No comment on that California raisin sitting next to them.

    1. Joe is doing this thing tho. His album sales are decent too. I love his song “I Rather Have a Love”

  5. They sounded horrible. It was a bad day. They might have rehearsed all night for that performance.

  6. I didn’t think it sounded THAT bad. Maybe I’m tone deaf. All that singing at the same time though was pretty weird. Ginuwine does look like he’s on that white lady though.
    Ugh I wanted to jump in Tank’s lap the whole time.

  7. To me, it seems as though ginuwine was trying to keep up with the phrasing for his part of the song.

      1. There might be another Ronnie you’re thinking of. I’ve only posted three times on this site but read it daily.

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