(make a way music industry) kellon deryck is trying to hit that billboard top ten

so i thought ^this was a thirst trap originally.
you know kellon likes to do random shit on occasion.
well ^this is might not be random and be a real thing.
is everyone ready for kellon deryck,
the hair stylist turned
peep a snippet of the video below…


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Let’s goooo

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i’m not afraid to admit i think kellon is sexy,
but he comes off a little corny.

i like my wolves to be a little bit more subtle with their riches and labels.
i guess when you have a lot of money,
you can do whatever you want.
i don’t know how this video will come off,
but you know he’ll have to perform it when lock down is over.
this was my favorite part:

more of that please.

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10 thoughts on “(make a way music industry) kellon deryck is trying to hit that billboard top ten”

  1. No comment…..sorry I’ cant not ask ….. Doesn’t he like men???.Will this work ??? Is he serious????

    1. Lil Nas is successful so Kellon can be a success too. Why you gotta ask doesn’t he like men as if it’ll hurt him.

    1. Omg thank you! I was about to say watching that made my sexuality turn off for a second. Confidence is sexy but arrogance is a huge turn off and he seems arrogant as hell. Sadly in the gay community you don’t even have to be good looking to be worshipped into arrogance. You just lift weights for two years or get on gear and the gays will gas you up into the stratosphere.

  2. I’m not sure if someone gassed him or if he’s tired of doing hair but I wish someone would have tapped his sexy self on the shoulder and told him to stick to his rivers and lakes. Just because youre good at something doesnt mean youre good at everything. This is another example of thinking cute will carry you. He runs with alot or reality stars and wanna be stars so im not surprised he’s pulling stunts like this. He’s handsome but I liked him more when he was just silent, humble and did great hair.

  3. Reminds me of Milan Christopher. Nice body, nice beats, but the singing and rapping; leave it for the professionals. This seems like a Love & Hip-Hop stunt. He is going to use his clients to push this single. He already got Megan in it.

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