Liar Liar Needs A Friend

tumblr_m5oaf5qvH51qfqrcco1_500“you were right about liar liar.”

oh was i?

well that was what the wolf in my department told me today.
the new one who was all up her ass when he got there.
going to happy hour and shit.
they was all talkin’ shit about me and treated me like an outcast.
i looked at him like he was stupid.
i guess she burned him too.
i knew it wouldn’t take long.
she is the type who people warn you about but they don’t listen.
it isn’t until they get fucked over that they want to be up your ass.

0r4122onot interested.

she caught herself trying to talk to me today.
she been ignoring the wolf in my department.
i knew this was for a reason.
i know how to play the game tho.
i smiled,
no eye contact,
and kept it real “one word answer”.
as she was trying to talk to me,
i was textin’ work wolf.

“she weird.
i don’t even text her no mo.
she be textin me asking me if i miss her.
she a front.
i just want to fuck her once n be off that”

this broad is burning bridges left and right.
i hope she don’t think she can come over here!
def not happening.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Liar Liar Needs A Friend”

  1. I would trust him less than liar liar. I’ve always thought the ass kissers are worse than the subject of such. They lack any integrity at all. Kinda reminds me a Suzie of Basketball Wives.

  2. people like that hang themselves…all you have to do is sit down, grab a drink, some warm popcorn and prepare to be entertain….Liar is going nowhere fast…i know TOO many people like that in the work environment, and many of them happen to be my own people….

  3. LOL WAT!
    Things come full circle huh?!
    And the fact that she’s even trying to talk you now? I think my blood would be boiling, but at the same time, amused by her desperation.
    LOL what a joke. She’s going to get hers.
    and for the other guy. Another one bites the dust LOL! Hopefully the target will be off your back for a while.

  4. You’re a better man than I am, Jamari. I would’ve been blunt and upfront like is there something you want?! The small talk would not exist. I don’t play office politics and bullshit. My co-workers that don’t speak to me until they want something, they get the FROZEN shoulder! LOL
    They try to small talk, and I cut it off immediately. Is there something you need? Tell me what it is and I’ll get it for you? They’ll ask are you having a bad day? I reply, not at all…I just don’t indulge phony people. LOL
    One witch I can’t stand, had the nerve to go to my supervisor and told her I was being insubordinate. I told my supervisor that she just mad because I called her on her behavior. She walks past my desk every day without saying a word, not even good morning. When she and a few others wants something, they want to hold a conversation. I don’t get down like that. If you don’t want to talk to me, don’t! I don’t like fakes…and I don’t kiss ass. Never have, never will.

    1. Love you, Christian! LOL!
      I am the same way. I live my life with the intentions not to waste my breath or time on undeserving people. They can hate me all they want. If I already hate you, I can’t be bothered. Not worth my time. I would have reacted like Jamari though, one word answers and such, and obviously, as one can see by my average comment length, thats not like me AT ALL! LOL Me? Short on words? Please, thats enough of a message from me ROFL!
      The only reason I don’t respond the way you do (though I’m tempted) is because I hate tension at work, it makes it too hard to deal with over time. I just let people be stupid, and take jabs at them whenever they’re stupid enough to leave themselves open.

      1. ^I can’t be bothered Dignified. I only roll with a chosen few at work, and outside of that group…I could care less what the others think. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. And I can’t tolerate ignorant people! That’s a pet peeve of mine.
        They are quick to point out stuff about others, so I do the same to them. I tell them, I’m not sure how you were brought up, but I was brought up with manners. I was taught to say good morning, thank you, etc. That’s a trait that seems to be absent in this office. Yo, the looks I get! LOL
        And I’m sure they talk madd shyt behind my back, but I could care less. As I said before, I mingle with a handful of co-workers, and I do my job VERY WELL (many emails to prove it if they wanna try to get grimy), so the rude ones, will continue to look at me like something’s wrong with me.
        A VP I always talk to asked me the other day, what are you doing in that office? You need to leave because you are nothing like your other coworkers, and they have a bad reputation across campus and among their peers. Man, he dropped some knowledge on me!

      2. I love it! We would get along really well in real life lol! I’m like you, I keep a small group of friends that I know are authentic, I will never catch myself entertaining someone toxic.

        Oh, I know the type, those who are talking mess about others when their lives should be the ones under scrutiny.
        When it comes to feeble people like that. I can’t be bothered either.
        LOL I commend you for your bravery haha, I love how you’re so brazen! i used to do the same thing, but these days, I just throw some shade and walk away while their talking to me LOL! Not even wasting breath on these fools. It messes up my internal energy, and I don’t want them to have that power.

        So true, people are going to talk shit whether you conform or not, so there’s no point in being anything other than yourself. at least when we are ourselves we meet like-minded people as opposed to the opposite!

        Yeah, its very telling that you’re above that place brother! It’s time for you to leave!

        S/N: why does it seem like people like you are so hard to find? No one has authenticity anymore, or integrity, or just straight up courtesy.
        I feel like the majority of people are a bunch of idiots LOL!

  5. You did right Jamari with Liar Liar and don’t even talk to that new work wolf that’s what he gets. Does Liar Liar have a banging body or a pretty face cause these dumb dudes can’t leave her alone?

      1. You right about that. That hoe lifestyle will catch up with her sooner than later. I think the reason she doesn’t like you is cause she probably wanted to get with you but she figured you didn’t mess with girls.

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