Kylie Jenner Is The Reason You Didn’t Listen To Tyga Music

Tyga-Instagram-Cover-001i honestly forgot tyga was a rapper wolf.
a legit rapper wolf.
one with full albums.
i only appreciate him when he does a feature.
he seems to show out as “the guest”.
well he was “the guest” in his relationship with kylie jenner.
now that they have broken up,
and she took her “lips” elsewhere,
he feels like she was the reason he wasn’t as poppin’.
an f-bi sent me what he said via the ny daily news

Tyga’s career couldn’t keep up with Kylie Jenner.

The “Rack City” rapper opened up about his break-up with the reality star in a recent radio interview with Big Boy TV.

“Being in a very public relationship like that, it’s hard for other people to see you differently,” he said. “It overshadowed a lot of my talents and a lot of things I worked hard for.”

The “Rack City” rapper and Jenner, 18, called it quits in May after dating off and on since 2014.

“I’m single. I’m enjoying life,” he revealed in the interview, squashing rumors that he moved on with lingerie model Demi Rose.

Even so, Tyga, 26, hinted he might one day reunite with the lip kit mogul.

“Later on in life, maybe we might come back, but right now I want to focus on what I need to do.”

giphyother talents?
i thought he only rapped?
he does “other things”?
i guess “flexin” could be considering a talent nowadays.
tyga lost whatever he had when he got with an under aged vixen.
bad enough it happened to be a kardashian.
when he left blac chyna to parade around with her like he struck gold,
everyone started giving him the official side eye.
it’s funny how karma works because blac chyna came up hard body.
now he is known for being an alleged child molester.
he should’ve been focusing more on the music than the “attentionisto” antics.
tyga will be aight tho.
i feel he has other ways of making money than that “rapping” thing.

lowkey: i think no one cares about him either way.
chris brown and kylie jenner give “tyga” relevance.
without them…

if you care enough,
you can watch the full interview with big boy:

…in my foxy senses somewhere,
they all are playing a role and getting a check for it.

article taken: the new york daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Is The Reason You Didn’t Listen To Tyga Music”

  1. The only song I remember him from is that Young Money All Star team-up, “Bedrock”.
    Outside of that I don’t remember anything else. Did he rap on “Dueces”? If so, that’s anpther song I remember. LOL
    It’s sad these artists today are more known for their antics on social media, as opposed to their actual “talent” or “craft”. Damn shame.

    1. Oh right! I think we was in Deuces! I used to like that song back in those days! But i think that’s chris’ song so I don’t think it counts LOL!

      I didn’t know he was in Bedrock, but wasn’t the whole music industry in that song? That song sucked though >.<

  2. He’s probably gonna lose that reality show he had without her. I bet Kruella de Jenner had set that up. Poor him. Renting mansions and expensive cars to put on a show, when in reality, as soon as a check came in, it went right back out. It’s sad that this keeps happening to our black celebrities and athletes. Would it kill one of them to get a decent financial team established, one that isn’t afraid to tell them, no, stop spending. SMH

  3. Im sad we’re living in a world that allowed Kylie to become ‘relevant’

    That in itself is a tragedy.

    High key though, Tyga is packing massive heat soand has a nice ass. Im positive Kylie regrets nothing. She has more rapper peen ahead in her whorish future.

    So does Tyga. 😉

  4. This is all so tragic and I see UPS Delivery Driver in his future and guest appearances at Ratchet Clubs in the South on the weekends. I hope he is never a question on a game show I happen to be on because I cant tell one song he has ever done even with guest artist. In my Hazel London voice after the shooting at the infamous Bella Nocha in Baton Rouge last year-“Its Just Sad”

  5. The fact that people still refer to him as the “Rack City rapper” tells you how irrelevant he actually is though. That song is a few years old, and wasn’t that great when it was new. Kylie has nothing to do with his irrelevance, he was always lame. Tyga, if you’re not doing good, work on improving instead of using little girls as your scapegoat for why you’re not doing so well financially. Hm.

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