Yusaf Mack Made You Proud

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 10.25.39 AMyusaf mack has turned a bad situation around!
remember yusaf?
oh he has a wholllleeeee situation within the foxhole.
( x
dig deep )
well he decided to get his life together,
work on all his issues,
and be an inspiration to all the dls out there.
oh wait…
i was dreaming.
nah it’s better to just say “fuck it” and…

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 10.27.57 AM…star in your very own porn!
his porn is titled “reality dudes”.
i can’t even…


on lighter news,
at least the co star is black.



lowkey: welp.
i guess that “manager” of his had his best interest at heart.
where is the alleged book?
will an entry on this latest porn be in a chapter?
will he claimed “drugged” again?
just asking…
for a friend.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Yusaf Mack Made You Proud”

  1. Sorry to be the first shade thrower but he needs the gym. If you’ve been fed a steady diet of Instagram Attentionistas’ on this website then how do expect anyone to consume this garbage? Take this shtt back to the chef and let me speak to the manager.

      1. Me too, cause he got many of cub if I recall…and they prolly all so embarrassed and vexed that they don’t want nothin to do with they daddy except gettin his checks

  2. Return to Sender, Jesus be a Smiley Dental Center Gift Certificate. Lawd why, Lawd cause only you know why. #FixItJesus #MenditMoses #PatchitupPaul #BinditBuddah

  3. It’s a shame because although it’s his life, he has children who must be led on the right path and he could have been such a strong advocate for men struggling with thier sexuality like he obviously was. It’s also a shame because the community I feel was rooting for him after he came out seeing as it was so hard to admit to him admitting to participating in the first film. Afrer he let us down again, I feel that any and all steps towards him being a positive image in the lgbt comminity will be rendered void.

  4. This isn’t that surprising after his 15 minutes cam to an end people forgot about his story and stopped caring. It was either this or a reality show.

  5. You ever see someone and they just LOOK dirty.

    I legit want to load a brush up with some soap and just scrub him like I’m OCD.

    Then give him a jump rope because he needs some HIIT cardio in his life if he intends to proceed with porn.

    1. JAY

      😆 Yes! Go in! If we don’t let these Black Gay porn producers know their product is subpar then we’ll continue to get the same ole trash we’ve been getting for years. I would gladly pay for a subscription to a quality porn website but there are zero options for those who seek physically fit exceptional Black men.

      1. Then those TEETH. I busted out laughing when he was smiling while dude gave him head. I can’t even take this scene seriously lol

      2. @ JAY. lol yeah, them teets alone is a complete turn off. And as a former boxer you would think being in shape would be a habit. Exercise and dieting would be a habit for him.

  6. With all the publicity he had, he should have tried to start his own site. Even amateurish videos. He could have made more money doing xtube, or something like that, than this mess.

  7. Oh no, not him again. Was he given roofies this time around? Oh that’s right, he was never given them the first time. SMH. I am not too surprised though because the bills do need to be paid, and he does have a basketball team of kids.

    Yes, he does look dusty, I agree with y’all. The bottom is cute tho.

  8. The only thing I liked about him in this scene was his hands he looks heavy handed that’s all I got lol and if he gets them teeth fixed that would be so good

  9. The only good thing about his vids are his dick size. He has an nice average size dick (apprx a good 6-6.5inches) and as a bottom its easier to take and easier to get comfortable with inside of you.

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