jonathan majors continues to look terrible in a major way

some people love to rally behind morons.
sense ain’t always so common out here.
people look at looks,
political ties,
or skin color as they way to defend a moron.
i get it tho.
we want so hard to believe people are good because of what we see…

…but we need to always recognize the truth.

jonathan majors hasn’t looked good in this whole debacle of his.
this interview with abc news did him no favors either…

i’m convinced this man is crazy.
ain’t no way around it.
he hasn’t come off remorseful at all.
my biggest confusion is:

WTF is she doing?
Why is she riding so hard for this jackal?
What is his obsession with his partners being Michelle or Coretta?

he is an actor!
he isn’t a social justice warrior.
to call her coretta after trying to call the white ex the same thing

it is side eye city with her.
she went from divorcing her ex,
who she became “the pastor’s wife“,
to now role playing with this delusional MLK muthafucka.

What in the 1953 is going on?

i don’t know what is next for jonathan majors.
he needs to vanish for a little bit.
don’t do what jussie smollett continues to do by over-staying his welcome.
kat williams is right.
someone needs to tell him that no one believes his story.

jonathan needs to truly vanish and then test the waters in a GOOD movie.
i don’t even think he should talk about this incident ever aga
just move forward like it never happened and the audience will forget too.
2 to 5 years from now moving forward.

What a fall from grace he had.

this should be a learning lesson for other black folks in every business.
we are NOT white and we do NOT have privilege.
when we finally reach the top,
don’t fuck it up thinking we got it like that.
we should be focused on pulling others up and teaching them the ropes.
i think the age of aquarius is clearing out all those who aren’t/weren’t serving us.
in our personal,
and within celebrity culture.
2024 is the year many negroes are gonna get their wake up call.

Whose next?