jobless, facing eviction, and with kids (but ya’ll came through)

in “good deeds of the day” news.
so everyone meet jessica sumlin.
she was laid off right before christmas and is facing eviction.
she is also the mother of 11 kids.
well after jessica’s story went viral,
she set up her gofundme and well…

she met her goal:

now only that:

so i’m all for everyone helping this vixen in her time of need,
i am,
but i’m gonna be real 100

She reallllllllllllllllllllly needs to utilize birth control

…or some kind of safe sexual practices.
11 kids AND single?
that is so wild to me.
i can’t even handle the thought of 1,
yet alone 11 by myself.
i read she left her 12 year job at taco bell because of a high risk pregnancy.

Where are all these kid’s fathers?
Why aren’t they paying child support?

i have more questions.
either way,
i’m glad folks came through for her,
but she really needs to participate in “no nut november” but like,
she doesn’t need 12.

see video at: wsbtv

visit her gofundme: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “jobless, facing eviction, and with kids (but ya’ll came through)”

  1. Y’all really think she isn’t getting plenty of government assistance? I don’t want to sound judgmental at all but people keep having kids they can’t afford because the government pays for it. Even if she’s not getting child support from any of the fathers sis is about to be paid come tax time. I just hope she doesn’t drop this job when that happens.

    1. Actually government programs have been cut drastically, they may give foodstamps but many cash programs ended a long time ago hence the reason she’s working. Gone are the days where people were on welfare for decades without employment. You have to work and search for jobs to be eligible for assistance in most states

      1. And if theres a slim change that anyone is getting a welfare check. More than likely, the state got them in some type of job training program or some where requiring them to look for a job.

      2. If you’re getting housing for $30 a month and $600 in food stamps there’s no need for much cash. 🤷🏾‍♂️

        That’s why a lot of them get their children diagnosed with a disability. SSI checks.

        You just have to show proof you looked for a job. If I show up to a place of business looking any kind of way asking about openings half heartedly you think I’m getting a job?

        I’m not saying this young lady is doing any of this, but my point is there are ways around everything and I’m tired of seeing people younger than me getting a free ride. Meanwhile old people that literally can’t work get nothing.

  2. We dont know her story and we cant judge her. Many Fathers disappear once things get challenging so we dont know if she was in a relationship with any of the Father’s or so. Nor do we know if she’s fully mentally competent or was raped as a child and had children early. I respect her grind for working though because i know grown ass Men who are lazy depending on their Woman. Glad she got the assistance she needs and thankful I’m not in that circumstance

  3. I’m sorry 11 kids and working at Taco bell. Makes Noooooooo sense. You don’t need to know her back story to be like really gurl.
    If you’re working at taco bell you already know your income can not support 11 kids.
    My question is where does she find the time for dick 😏
    Instead of her crying she needs to stop having unprotected sex…PERIOD!
    I might sound harsh but this society need to stop making “everything normal ”
    11 kids a black single mom makes no kind of sense!

  4. Why the media always trying to portray black women like all they do is have lots of kids and use government assistance?

  5. I’ve read on several pages that she has 2 kids but her boyfriend has 9 kids.I was wondering why I’ve only seen a pic of her with one baby.Also she told a news reporter that she didn’t have any immediate family in the area but in her GoFundMe she mentions moving in with her mom.On Lipstick Alley somebody is saying her boyfriend told her so start the GoFundMe.She probably needs helps I just don’t think she is supporting 11 kids on her own.

    1. LMFAO. 11 kids. Damn. I mean when you realize that you couldnt take care of 1 or 2. Why the fuck you kept going? lol That shit is selfish!

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