the r. kelly girls had a little spat on ig live today (azriel clary was fresh outta fucks)

happier times?
when they got along.
it seems azriel clary and joycelyn savage are not sister wives any longer.
so much so,
they got to thumping on ig live today.
the harem has unraveled.
the neighborhood talk” got the whole thing and well…


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First part Chile😩

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“you was sleeping with me when i was a minor

this was the aftermath of azriel going tf off:


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She must’ve lost Chile 😩

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…and it seems azriel has had it with r. kelly too via “twitter“:

according to azriel,
it seems joycelyn (?) was moving out and came with someone named kimberly.
kimberly is allegedly r. kelly’s handler.
kimberly had the keys to their sex dungeon at trump towers,
but azriel told kimberly that joycelyn needed to be there to get the stuff.
it didn’t end well after that.
this is the video of azriel spilling it all to the police:

i’m likkkkkkeeeeeeeeeee:

r. kelly ain’t groomed them to be like this.
they was supposed to be getting along and enjoying being brainwashed together.
i know one thing:

Joycelyn could find her ass in jail with those allegations too

sleeping with a minor?
how “like my daddy” of her.
i guess azriel aint with the shits for 2020.
she was so buck on gayle king and look how this ends up.
i don’t know who is right or wrong today,
but they need to take their asses back to their parent’s cribs.
it’s over.

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Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “the r. kelly girls had a little spat on ig live today (azriel clary was fresh outta fucks)”

  1. Jocelyn got charged for the fight. She got a misdemeanor charge for domestic battery. The thing is, I wonder if the DA is going to use that footage of her admitting that Jocelyn slept with her when she was a minor and if she did, he did too because she was his girlfriend then. That’s another felony charge added to him.

  2. Just racking up more charges to add on him. The DA probably watching like, add that charge, charge her, add that one. I know he getting ready to throw another Gayle King tantrum in jail. Talking about she lying.

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