it’s time black folks really talk about our solidarity with the asian community

as i was scrolling up my notification center,
^that news article had just popped up.
i couldn’t watch it because it’s on apple news+,
but i was absolutely annoyed with the title.

“It’s Time To Talk About Black-Asian Solidarity”


needless to say,
i posted it on all my social media(s) because i was baffled.

Why are black people being dragged into this “solidarity” talk when it comes to the Asian community?

why aren’t other communities being asked to have this conversation?
when it was all the innocent black folks being killed heinously at the hands of white hyenas,
we didn’t ask anyone to stand in solidarity with us.
when other races were experiencing their hardships,
they didn’t beg us (or anyone) for solidarity either.
i don’t even think we had the same amount of support as we did with blm.
( x they raised 2 million for the sons of one of the victims )
weren’t a majority of asians extremely silent?
why come now…

Does the Asian community feel we need to stand with them?

they aren’t asking the jewish community,
nor the indians or latinos,
but we are being called out and i need answers as to why.

what’s the deal foxhole?
isn’t this weird?

lowkey: why not ask for everyone to come in solidarity?
do they feel guilty for how some of them treated us?
this is all so confusing.

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “it’s time black folks really talk about our solidarity with the asian community”

  1. I swear niggas is always doing the damn most. And of course they gladly participate in a panel discussion about it. Where the Mexican solidarity for Asians? Shouldn’t they bond over their immigrant-ness?

    I’m really bout to divest from the black community if y’all continue to keep putting on a show like this. It’s really sad how bad y’all want brownie points from non-blacks.

    If we gave a fuck about ourselves the way Asians do themselves, we’d be somewhere.

  2. There are many delusional commenters on this website.

    Any NORMAL DECENT human being has empathy when another human is killed.

    Where are these thinkpieces for the people who spurred the NEED for BLACK LIVES MATTER.

    Where is this “logical global rationale” for people who say “maybe they should have complied”?

    The African-American community supports the Asian community economically. Indians with corner stores. Koreans with manicures and pedicures. Chinese with grocery stores. White communities do not support the Asian community locally save for a small percentage who fetishize them and conflate, due to anime or Kpop. The reason Asian communities are able to have their own banks, schools, community centers is when they get here there’s no ADOS vs Elite African fight. They simply get together. They don’t have public forums for EVERYBODY who is not Asian to comment. They keep it WITHIN their communities. And white people HAVE tried to sabotage Asian communities. The Asians stuck together and it didn’t work.

    Do not ever tell a Black person “you don’t have to if you don’t want to” with a condescending undertone.

    The model minority myth was created to dilute and distract from the Civil Rights movement. When Black people do something, we do it for EVERYONE. Even Affirmative Action was inclusive and not solely for Africa Americans, it was for women and people of color.

    Heck, people of color ORIGINALLY was used for BLACK people. We start every movement, originate it and everyone else is inspired.

    BLACK people got liberation and independence for many of these South American nations that loathe us as well as Asian nations.

    If you want to speak globally, Black people always take up for others and always have to our detriment. Black people do not have to lift a finger. Typing hashtags doesn’t save an Asian American who is attacked in public. If we see something, of course we will act.

    All of these thinkpieces haven’t stopped anyone from being racist, so put a sock in it you coons and don’t ever tell a Black person “they don’t have to”. We’ve already done it and will continue to do so.

  3. I don’t recall them standing in solidarity with us so why should we stand in solidarity with them?

    How about they call on their white allies who are responsible for the same system (white supremacy) they uphold and don’t think effects them.

  4. I am going to be controversial and say I don’t protest, never have, never will. I won’t be protesting or doing nothing of the sort. That all being said, if they are getting killed then I silently support them making some noise about the situation. I hope that one day racism is only discussed in historical context. Also Black people don’t need to be putting on a cape for this but it is good publicity to take a stance against it and pitch in, petty rarely wins in the long run.

  5. Hell no I’m not down our issues in the black community is very important asians dont like us they love looking down on us period we were slaves then we had the jim crow days now cops killing us nope I’m with black lives matter dam it

  6. As I kind of said earlier, the “media” and the “powers that be” (and I’m not a conspiracy theorist) have spent a lot of time and effort over the past several months trying to create a narrative that black people have been attacking Asians and that narrative doesn’t actually hold up under scrutiny. There is a stark difference between a hate crime and a crime of proximity and poverty, everyone commits proximity crimes and because of socioeconomic conditions black people usually over-represent in poverty crimes. For example, if a black person is robbing an Asian person, is he robbing the person because he is Asian (does race have anything to do with it), or is it because he thinks the person has money or some valuable property. Most serious people who study and write on this subject understand this but those in the media try to conflate the point.

    I believe all this was done to shift the energy and focus away from the gravity of the black condition in the United States. We spent most of 2020 dealing with racial unrest in response to the black condition and it was a factor in flipping Georgia and handing Biden and Kamala the white house. Now, in the wake of Breonna Taylor and the shadow of the George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery trials (be ready for the foolery in those cases) they need to create a diversion. Asian hate crimes are real and on the rise, and they absolutely need to be addressed; that being said based on the numbers from the FBI and reports done by the BBC and CNBC, black people are still the group most likely to be victims of hate crimes in the United States.

    Bottom-line! in my opinion, the overwhelming need is with black folks, the energy is with black folks, the focus is on black folks, but the United States is not ready or willing to do for black folks and so America needs a narrative change.

  7. As black people we are well are that no other race has experienced more economic, financial, and physical violence in this country than we have. We also know that most no-black pocs definition of attaining the American dream means getting as close in proximity to whiteness as possible which also includes being hostile and racist to black people. For decades we have seen asian business owners establish their businesses in our communities, build generational wealth, all the while treating us like criminals. Whether it was the civil rights movement of the 60’s or the George Floyd protests last summer, the asian community is perpetually absent in the black struggle. In their fight for the American dream, they couldn’t be caught fight for or with the lowest on the totem pole; the black american. Yet now that they are facing horrible crime in this country they want solidarity from the community that knows that song all too well.. Nah

  8. Hmm… You’re expressing a lot of ideas so I’ll try to keep my thoughts global… It seems what is triggering you is calls in the “media” for black folks, specifically, to stand with Asian Americans in their time of need. As we know, racial hatred toward Asian Americans was inflamed by the last administration surrounding the origin of Covid-19 (China). As I’m sure you’re aware, China is one of many Asian countries yet Asian Americans from other countries are being attacked in acts of racial violence. Random articles in media outlets are not national policy. If you don’t personally feel compelled to stand in solidarity with them or others having hate crimes committed against them, you don’t have to… Just because someone wrote an article somewhere, nothing is being asked or required of you. For ME, either you’re against violence being enacted against people based on their race, religion, sexuality, etc… or you’re not. And as far as, “where were they during BLM, someone said earlier it was only black folks protesting. I’m not sure where you live but that’s not true. Every protest I attended were filled with black as well as non-black faces. I was talking to another friend who said he didn’t see many Asian people posting on social media about BLM. I asked him how many Asian people he followed to which he replied, “none.” I have a lot more to say on the subject but this is getting long. The way my code is set up — I am against hate crimes. As gay folks, we are asking people who aren’t gay to be outraged by the acts of violence committed against us. We have to show that same empathy for groups we don’t belong to as well…

    1. All of this. You can’t see Asian Americans or Asian people in general be there in the fight if you don’t follow any or know any of them to begin with. This part bothers me the most in this “none of them were there for us” rhetoric I keep seeing here because it’s flat out not factual.

    2. It is not hypocritical to say you are against hate and violence but at the same time realize that some of these fights are not ours. We can post we can speak out, but we don’t have to protest or take to the streets for others who generally never really seemed interested in black struggle. Black people are not the ambassadors for struggle, and we can be just as selfish as other groups have been in the past working in our self-interests.

    3. Cosign.

      However, there’s a reason the only non white character in the auction scene in Get Out was Asian. I’m a firm believer in minorities supporting minorities, yes. But. Big ole butt. They need to actively engage in divesting from antiblackness too. And I will extend that to non latinos including afro latinos as well.

      Not just in obvious ways either. For example, how the last administration was adamant about destroying affirmative action cuz “it hurts Asian students”. They needed to speak up then.

  9. I agree that there needs to be just as much pressure on Jewish/Indian/Hispanic communities to show solidarity as on us. And I definitely hear the argument of “why should WE support them when they were so quiet about BLM?” But we have that same problem in OUR community.

    When straight brothas get shot by police, Black queer folk and Black women are the FIRST ones to hit the picket line. But niggas don’t have that same energy when it comes to protecting Black women or LGBT Black folk.
    Yet we continue to support them.

    At what point does solidarity become a pointless exercise? When do we decide to stop investing? How do we decide which causes/communities deserve our support and which ones don’t?

    1. Answering these questions? Apparently ignoring details to disassociate from showing compassion is much easier.

      The BLM protests last year? Everyone out there was black. We had no support from any other people whatsoever. As you can see The Race Watcher Police were out there to make sure!

      People worldwide were out there angry and protesting for our sake last year. There were several BLM protests in Japan and Korea. I have friends who were protesting in Japan, for us, but “we didn’t ask for help” and simultaneously, “no one was there for us”. The Race Watcher Police saw it.

      Does it feel tacky to be highlighted, sure. Are there issues of racism and anti-blackness? Hell yeah, but this exact erasure of any positive association or support between the races is the reason that article exists in the first place.

    2. I definitely see your point, it’s important to stand up for whats right and not dismiss injustices just because it doesn’t benefit you. When you abandon everyone you also abandon good people too. Nothing changes unless someone makes the first move.

  10. Them ***** don’t even like black folks,like I said before always turning up their noses and looking down on blacks thinking their better than us, and the majority of them bitches came over here on a boat. I can’t give out this forgiving energy especially when I don’t get it in return, they don’t do shit for the black community, set up shop in our neighborhoods, and some of us keep them living the goods life supporting their businesses, I say fuck them!

  11. SMH there will be always some black folks that think they are lie Jesus Christ- they take on everyone’ burden on their shoulders. FUCK EM.. they don’t speak for the community!

  12. They’re very indifferent to our grievances, much like pre 911 mid easterners. Why are we always called on to forgive?

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