why was christine englehardt alone down in miami for spring break?

they are gonna throw these two hyenas under the jail in this following story.
they decided to drug,
and kill a white vixen down at spring break down in miami.
you know that never ends well for black males.
a foxholer sent me this story and well…

via “6 action news“:

A 24-year-old Pennsylvania woman was found dead inside a South Beach Miami hotel room after two men drugged and raped her, police said.

According to authorities, the body of Christine Englehardt, of Richboro, Bucks County, was found on March 18. Surveillance cameras from the Albion Hotel on James Avenue show her with the two men around 1 a.m. that morning.

Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24, both of North Carolina, were arrested over the weekend and charged with sexual battery and burglary. They are currently being held without bond.

The men are also accused of stealing her cell phone, cash and credit cards once Englehardt was unconscious, according to a judge.

she was visiting miami alone from philly.
they slipped her a green pill and they took her back to the room and raped her.
according to “miami cbs local“:

“According to police, Collier and Taylor met the 24-year-old woman who was visiting from Pennsylvania at a restaurant. As they walked on Ocean Drive, one of the men reportedly gave her a green pill. It’s not clear if they slipped it to her secretly or if she took it willingly, according to the arrest report.

At the woman’s hotel, both men had sex with her and Taylor forced himself on her as she appeared to be unconscious, according to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald.

The men then reportedly stole the woman’s credit cards and cell phone and left.

The next day, hotel staff found the woman’s semi-nude body on the room’s bed. The police were then called.

Investigators said video surveillance showed two men entering with the woman and then leaving about half an hour later.

Collier was found on Ocean Drive at Eight Street wearing the same pants seen in the video, according to the arrest report.

Taylor was seen on video surveillance using one of the woman’s credit cards at a liquor store, according to police. After he was arrested, police said they found the woman’s phone and green pills in his bag.”

why was she down there by herself?
i feel like she met those two hyenas,
was interested in a threesome,
and they intended on robbing her after.
in my head,
i would like to think they didn’t think she was supposed to die.
they probably thought the pill would knock her unconscious.

sidebar: my mother always told me never to accept any drinks from strangers.
she also said never drink anything i left somewhere.
always get a new drink.

what’s scary tho:

Who else would they have given those pills to down there?

 you gotta be careful going places by yourself.
you know YOUR forest.
when you’re in a completely different forest then it becomes a jungle.
in situations like spring break or major events,
it’s better to travel in a pack that will watch out for you.
she didn’t have anyone to be the “hater friend“.
the one who will cock block anyone who tries to take advantage of the “wild friend“.

it’s sad that she lost her life,
but i’ll be honest and font that she was kinda careless.
she was too open while being alone in another jungle.
let this be a lesson for others to learn from.

article cc: 6 action news | miami cbs local

25 thoughts on “why was christine englehardt alone down in miami for spring break?

  1. Y’all can keep trying to guilt-trip people with that victim blaming shit. In this day and age she should’ve been more careful. After seeing shit like when andrew gillem was set up after doing drugs and having threesomes. We all should be knowing better and doing better.

    I’m tired of this generation not taking person responsibility. Y’all wanna be reckless cuz you grown and can do what you want then cry when shit backfires.

  2. Sounds like a lot of victim blaming coming from you. Why she was on vacation alone is non mother fucking factor. I’ve been on many vacations alone, she I get rapped and murdered? Would that be be my headline. She could have been the biggest thot she still did not deserve to get raped by these monsters let alone killed. To imply that she may wanted a threesome is disgusting and speculative. WE DON’T KNOW AND WE WILL NEVER KNOW. She could have done everything that she was supposed to do and some of y’all would still victim blame. Be part of the solution not the problem. Do better

    1. Agree, stop blaming the young lady, she didn’t rape herself, she didn’t agree to being robbed n her credit cards stolen n for God’s sake, how dumb n stupid can these two jackals be to go n use her credit card after the fact. Just for being thst stupid they deserve to be behing bars for a looonnggg time..

  3. I live in the suburbs. I’ve gone out at 2AM to walk my dog. I didn’t feel unsafe. A woman cannot just go out after it’s dark, not worrying.

    Men have things they take for granted that women don’t when it comes to this. Of course men still get attacked/mugged/killed.

    A woman should be able to go on vacation alone and not have to worry about being raped or murdered. Also the “plenty of thots down there”, is moot. If you want to push that narrative, why not speak on sex workers who are often stiffed or murdered? Nobody owes their body to anyone else.

    We live in a world that hates women. When they speak up, they’re “B*tchy”, when they’re independent, they’re “trying to be a man”. Women cannot win for losing. And with nations like India where premarital sex is illegal, and rape victims end up in jail, it shows you how deep misogny goes.

    Many men globally support bigamous marriages, but do not support polyandry. The double standards are prevalent, where we ask what the women did to warrant the crime instead of why do we raise a society where “boys will be boys” and attackers are protected and victims told to shut up and deal with the trauma.

    What dress codes tell a man to cover his bulge? To not have his pecs showing? To not distract the women? Yet women have to have a certain skirtline, hemline, no cleavage and cannot express themselves in their clothing.

    Even mothers of rapists often take the side of their son, as if they didn’t raise him to “whore himself out” but “not to marry a whore”. Same goes for instances of domestic violence, saying she should have just played her role and she CAUSED him to hit her. As progressive as we’d like to think we are, we are very backwards.

  4. Florida is still the “old south” when it comes to its treatment of Black people. All that free ass walking running around Miami Beach, and they took advantage of some naive loner. Those 2 idiots fucked up royally, throw them under the jail

  5. I agreee that she was on some wild girl shit. I wanna have a threesome with two niggaz.

    Dare I say I don’t think they slipped her anything but she took the pill willingly actually cuz she was tryna get wild n have fun.

    But she trusted the wrong guys who ended up taking advantage of her and since she was unconscious decided to be on some nigga shit and steal her things. Not giving a fuck cuz she’s some white gurl in their head.

    She clearly overdosed and yes they should definitely be locked up for manslaughter and rape but they clearly didn’t intend to murder her.

    That being said like why are niggaz so stupid and lack common sense. Like clearly she would report her things stolen and you using her credit cards would be easy to track you. How did they think they would get away with this?

    Lots and lots of men get women drunk so that they can sleep with them. A lot of them have some weird rape fetish and unconsciousness fantasy. Where they want to do whatever they want without being stopped or having the pressure to perform since the woman is unconscious. Most straight men won’t admit this but that’s why they buy women lots of drinks.

    For us gay men this is more common very common and you know we ain’t going to the cops to say a man raped us. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. ^i will never forget when a cab driver was telling me that if you sleep with someone who is drunk,
      but they wake up and say they didn’t authorize it,
      you can be charged for that.
      ALWAYS sleep with people who are sober or nice.

      never fuck with drunk people.

  6. Sigh. Come on Jamari.

    We need to stop framing these stories like this.

    Why was she there alone? Because she was grown and maybe just wanted to go on a vacay.

    The real question is: why do men continue to regularly abduct, drug, rape, and/or murder young women (and men) in this country? Why do so many women have stories like these where they were fortunate to not have been murdered, but were still sexually assaulted – and not by two strangers on a solo vacay – but by someone they know?

    Rape culture is a bastard.

  7. There were so many women that would have wanted to have sex with them, shit some might have even paid for it. A damn shame she lost her life, I won’t lie had I been that situation and two handsome men chatting me up I would have ended up just like her, so it’s a wake up call to stop being boy crazy and not trust these men. RIP beautiful.

    1. You sure are telling the truth. Said the quiet part all the way out loud. Many a hot minded sissy would have paid to have been all up on their knees ready to slurp these two dummies. All that free putussy from those Spring Break skanks and they chose that poor unwise child to rape, rob and murder. So sad.

  8. Florida. Black men. Sex. White woman dead. Incredibly stupid robbery. These two are probably done. Regardless, there do seem to be some peculiar missing pieces of the narrative, though. Including a source/witness. Of course, perhaps one or both of the suspects confessed, and in the process included — and omitted — some odd details.

    Maybe it’s the playwright in me, but can’t help wondering about the source of some of the the details, e.g., about the green pill while strolling on Ocean Drive. Who would have been near enough to know that occurred see the color of a pill and report it, after the fact. Not her, obviously. If one of the suspects and the remaining quantify of 30 pills belonged to them, would they have described it as just a “green pill” when confessing? Of course. I’m old and never a part of the drug scene. Maybe they are actually sold/referred to by color rather than name/description these days. I don’t know.

    Also, curious where that timeline came from. Awful lot to occur in just thirty minutes. Any mention who did make the 911 call, and how they knew what had gone on inside the room, if she was already dead. Or was someone else there before she died. Just curious from whom the details are coming? Confessions of the two guys? Someone else?

    1. “but i’ll be honest and font that she was kinda careless.
      she was too open while being alone in another jungle”

      Or maybe teach men to NOT RAPE?? But again, it’s the victims fault. Stop absolving men from the terror and violence they inflict upon women. If it weren’t here it would’ve been someone else. These men are deviants and are SOLEY to blame. #YESALLMEN

      1. This is a fantasy and naive. You would like to not think the worse of people but that’s not the utopian world we’d like to occupy.

        My father always told me not to take a drink from a stranger that wasn’t made in front of you and handed directly to you and always let someone know where you are and to be with large groups. It still doesn’t mean anything won’t happen to you but still be cautious of your surroundings at all times.

        Say if she took the drugs willingly by two men she’s known all of 5 mins, was that a smart thing to do????

      2. Totally agree, they effing rass clsat should know better.. U can’t tell me that for one minute they must have realized they went way over the line.. No sympathy for them at all..Shame assho. S.

  9. YAWN…… two dumb ass Negroes fucked up. Fuck Em. Hope they are loved in prison by the boys as they will be there for many many MANY years. As for miss thing – she flirted and got killed for it. Sad it ended that way but they are all young and stupid- the boys thinking with their small head, she thinking with her WAP…..sorry Jamari I have no sympathy for fuckery!!

  10. Disgusting, niggas can be heartless asf! Mad Females were down there TRYNA give it up on some freak shit, GROUPS of em! and these two lames had to double team a lone girl WHILE she’s overdosed and then steal the little bit of shit she had, leaving her to die 🤮 Jesus & Not an ONCE of remorse on either one of their faces in the arraignment, Dark skin just look lost ASF & the one glimpse of disbelief on Browns face seems to be more for himself then the fact that a girl is DEAD because of you, ugh throw both them niggas AWAY!

  11. Once they stole her items, and her cellphone and left it was murder. If they would’ve called the ambulance or attempted to revive her I’d think differently but it sounds like they were looking to date rape her and rob her. I’m not excusing her going with them but we’ve all done foolish things while we were younger. I know especially during my early college days. Unfortunately folks will make this about race and will roof these young men during trial.. There are some evil folks

  12. I do not trust the Justice System’s ” narratives”. Especially for Black Males. I hope they get a good lawyer and the facts come out. t’s possible that it all went down as reported ( I doubt it ). It’s possible it went far differently.

    1. I’m so confused by what you’re talking about? Narratives? What narratives?! They literally found her phone in one of their bags and the other one was using her credit card at a LIQUOR STORE

    1. Exactly! Smh, they some dumbass niggas! Oh well, hope the law throws the whole gotdamn library at them…

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