it’s gay for a father to be happy with his son? (toosii)

i don’t what’s happening in this era but it’s all witch hunts.
everyone is hyper-analyzing what males are doing are gay.
a rapping wolf,
took a picture with his son and someone thought he looked gay.
it caused him to respond via the shade room


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i mean,
is he lying?
i see a black male happy with his son,
which i’m glad to see.
i know that random probably doesn’t know what that looks like. 
these folks need not jump on this witch huntin’ shit for clout and clicks.
the blowback of all of this will be more dl males and hyper-masculinity,
which i thought was something we were trying to get away from.

I think all of these witch-hunters are morons tbh.
They stay looking at signs of other folks while the real gay males are actually having sex with them.
I know I’ve been witch-hunted and their boyfriends/husbands secretly were trying to dig into me something vicious.
you gotta take the boyfriend/husband down for the culture.

we love goofy detectives who lose all their cases.

lowkey: i hate he took deleted the one with him smiling…


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 i thought that was the best one.

9 thoughts on “it’s gay for a father to be happy with his son? (toosii)

  1. I do think he is gay tho. Not because of this pic. He has serial gay face. It’s a thing. some men just look gay

  2. I’m confused we had dead beat daddies out here and women complained they need to start taking care of their kids and be more loving towards them and soon as one do, he gotta be gay? That’s why some of them don’t have a man now because they all fucked up in the head. They don’t know what they want. The ones who do ignore all the signs and the smart ones they cut a brotha off soon as they see a red flag with no explanations. It’s starting to be more single fathers out here then single men because some of these women want to be a hoe and not take care of their own kid. The women with a brain should teach some of these other THOT’s how to keep a man. Not everything is gay.

  3. First of all he is holding the baby in a feminine posture but look 90% of BLK boys in America are raised by women (mother/auntie/grannie/sisters/teachers) vs being raised by men so of course most BM are going to have some feminine traits even Tupac admitted that.

  4. Its the outfit and demeanor ( He does look Gay) Ha ha ha

    Shid,,, That’s a compliment ,There are lots of phyne “Gay”s .

    Also the very fact ( This saying is so Black ) he went out of his way to respond adds to it !

  5. Oh BTW Dad…Why is he taking it so personally? So you did your job and he even gave you a grand son but DON’T swear buddy, don’t you ever swear as I’d hate to see your face when one day the son says to him, Dad meet my boyfriend Jessie and his girl friend is also sitting in the car!

  6. SIGH..nothing to see here…..NEXT.

    Society….for a few of them, insanity is rare; but when they congregate on SM as a group, or at parties, sadly INSANITY is the rule.

  7. I’m truly convinced that our society has become one big loony bin! This obsession with hyper masculinity and homosexuality has created a bunch of mentally ill partially lobotomized idiots. The things that people feel comfortable saying it’s just absolutely outrageous. So he’s supposed to be a deadly dead to approve his masculinity? But then they would be complaining about that so you can’t win with these idiots. I’m starting to think that our society is so far gone that there’s no going back.

    1. ^i keep saying on the last day of 2019,
      we woke up in a timeline of hell on the first day of 2020.
      i feel like this is a level of wacky we ain’t never seen before.

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