It’s Like Chasing Clouds (The Fox Version)

It started with a guy in 2001.

He actually came uninvited to my crib with mutual friends of ours.
I didn’t pay any attention to him attraction-wise, but I was asking who the hell was he?
Seriously, he was very attractive.
He was tall, toned, nice waves, a handsome face, and a mixed red bone.
He was a hood boy/church boy innocence, but he had that “urban model” flair.
His UN-announced ass also brought his hood rat girlfriend too….

One night after we got acquainted, he was getting picked on by a dude in our crew.
He left the room and went into the other living room where I followed him.
I hate to see people being treated badly.
I went and I sat next to him because he was heated.
He was having issues with the making fun of him and his hood rat girlfriend.
They didn’t like her too much because they felt she was a bad influence on him.
I told him to fuck what they think and if you like this girl then that is all that matters.
I looked into his eyes and he smiled at me.
I noticed his eyes softened.
I still thought nothing.

He would find ways to touch me after that.
Putting his hands on me in some way.
If he sat next to me, I noticed his leg would rest on mine.
Another day, we were all playing Bond for PS2.
It was a 4 person game and we all playing the “find each other and kill” portion.
He would get into it and try his best to beat me.
No one can beat me.
The next day, I was home alone and he cut school to spend the day playing the same game.
He sat right next to me during all of this.
We smoked weed together and he was looking at me in a strange way…
Still, I was clueless and ignorant to all these signs.

It wasn’t until I was talking to a Vixen I knew that knew about me.
After a couple of years, I finally told her.
She asked me if I was seeing someone.
I told her no, but we got into the story of him and the things he was doing.
She let me know that he wanted to dig deep in this Fox.
I tried to argue that maybe he was just being friendly.
She pointed more things out…

That is when it clicked.

We both decided we wanted to see this in action.
I went to his job one night to ask about something I made up that I wanted him to do.
I wore a fly ass fit and some of my best “Wolf trapping” cologne.
Burberry Touch.
He was playing basketball with his boys and as I looked at him play,
he would show off to get my attention.
He asked me to come to the office to fill out some paper work on the thing that I made up.
This lady walked by and asked who smelled so good.
He sat right next to me that it made me so hot for him.
I saw him with different eyes now.
So, he in turn also replied and said:

“Yeah he does…”

…and in like slow motion,
he was coming to smell my neck.
He would have made nose to neck contact,
but the lady playfully hit him and said he shouldn’t be smelling me because “guys don’s smell other guys”.
Stupid bitch.

From them on, it was a lot of touching and me returning the favor.
It was eye contact, smiling, and asking for me through people.
But, every time I wanted to get close to him, one of our boys was around.
He was also now fucking what seemed to be a SLEW of Vixens.
From older to younger, he was giving his pipe to every Vixen that wanted it.
It was like he couldn’t meet a Vixen without fucking her.
Almost like he was trying to prove something since he was always the butt of jokes to our crew…

He ended up suddenly moving away and I never saw him again.
I left my old neighborhood and stopped talking to our mutual friends.
He moved back to the neighborhood and last I heard, he has a child and doing okay for himself.
Still a hood boy.

It seems I always meet Wolves like this.
There was a couple more who were just like him to follow.
They always have this same trait about them.
Same shyness, same staring, same situations we find ourselves in.
Even though I feel they are attracted to me,
I’m usually confused and disappointed because I feel I am right…
until they surprise me by have a girlfriend or fucking hoes.

It’s a bitch, ain’t it?

It all started with a guy in 2001.

Thank you Vain for the inspiration.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “It’s Like Chasing Clouds (The Fox Version)”

  1. Imma go out on a limb & say he was hitting all those vixens because he was frustrated he couldn’t get to you, and also to possibly prove to himself he could get women (afraid of his attraction to men/or one man in particular lol)

  2. Ok Ive read both yours and Vains version and I have questions. Im trying to understand but maybe its a beta thing?

      1. Nevermind. I kind of get it now. I’ve been in similar situations but I see things differently and respond accordingly.

        1. ^I’ll be honest to say that I usually get confused when I hear a Vixen(s) is getting the dick.
          I need to realize that sometimes,
          Vixens can be props to these Wolves I tend to attract.

          I wish they would be a little more bolder with these clues (like the Wolf in Sam’s story) and stop having me clueless in the dark.

  3. Wow, I was in the same situation. We met as freshmens in high school, and instantly clicked. He was a tall redbone wolf with stunning brown eyes, hair that was always cut and full of waves ,he looked a little like the NBA baller Javale Mcgee. I would just catch him staring at me all the time. After high school he left the state for college. We almost lost contact but I got his number from his girlfriend and we began talking on the phone. Eventually, he literally asked me if ever got fucked in the booty before? I replied with a smiling “Maybe”. To make a long story short… After months of sexually charged phone conversations, I picked him up from the airport, we got a room, and on a warm summer night in june 2007 we changed our frienship forever. and we’ve been fucking like rabbits ever since.

    I know your situation didnt have such a happy ending J, but you should try to find him. You never know, he could be looking for you too.

  4. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^I’ll be honest to say that I usually get confused when I hear a Vixen(s) is getting the dick.
    I need to realize that sometimes,
    Vixens can be props to these Wolves I tend to attract.
    I wish they would be a little more bolder with these clues (like the Wolf in Sam’s story) and stop having me clueless in the dark.

    But would you really want someone who would use a vixen as a prop?

  5. This post reeeeally took me back down memory lane and put a smile on my face. During my senior year of high school a new kid came to my school and the first time I saw him I stared at him for what felt like hours. He was so tall and he had the smoothest peanut butter brown skin and these huge almond shaped brown eyes with longest, curly eye lashes. When he later joined an after school activity with me I didn’t know HOW to act…I would stutter and sometimes complete jibberish would come out of my mouth when he was around. In the after school activity, we were grouped together and as time progressed I was able to calm down and he and I realized that we both had this witty personality and crazy sense of humor. Because of that, we started to hang out together during school. One day he asked what I was doing for the weekend and if he could come over one day and spend the night. I told him he could come over and that whole day my palms were sweaty and I was a nervous wreck. That night he slept on my floor and during the night I would just sit up and watch him sleep. I couldn’t believe that he was over my house. I had plenty of friends, but none of them ever stayed over my house. Ever.

    After that we became closer than ever. He was over my house so much that he basically became a part of the family. We spent so much time together. He would even come up to my job and just sit and watch me work and talk to me and help me clean tables before the restaurant closed. We had the strongest connection but sometimes I wondered if he was attracted to me or if he just thought of me as a really good friend. But he used to do things that confused the HELL out of me. Whenever someone else rode in my car he would always get in the back seat and sit behind me so that I could see him in the rear view mirror. We would just stare at each other and sometimes he would even make comments about how I was staring at him, but then he would look back in the mirror with those brown eyes and smile at me. Whenever he came over he always made sure to let me know that he wasn’t gonna sleep with any underwear. He would even take them off in front of me. (These were the long t-shirt days, so at best, I could only see a butt cheek when he put his shorts back on). When he took a shower and used the bathroom he would leave the door wide open and tell me not to come by the bathroom because he was gonna be naked. I always wanted to walk by…but I was always too damn scared. Like I said before, my hands were always sweaty around him so they would feel soft. He used to always comment on how soft my hands were whenever our hands would randomly come into contact.

    His family was REALLY religious, so he was very sheltered. I exposed him to so much. He had never had sex or even masturbated before. I would often ask me how it felt to masturbate and I would joke that I would teach him. Maybe it was because he was sexually frustrated, but he would often get erections around me and not having underwear on really made it obvious. I would pretend that I was so disgusted and we joked about it. He had never even seen porn before, so I showed him his first porno. Justin Slayer was in the movie and throughout the scene he kept commenting on how big his legs were. We’d sit and listen to music for hours and I’d play this song by Beyonce called Gift from Virgo whenever he was around because he was a Virgo..and I felt like he was a git to me because he was so special. I still cant listen to that song without thinking of him.

    We ended up going to separate colleges and we started to drift apart. Phone calls happened less frequently and when we were both in town we stopped hanging out as much. In college he called me one day and told me he had a girlfriend and I was so hurt. Every time he called me he always had something to say about his girlfriend and I was so jealous. I feel like she replaced me and to this day that still hurts. A few years later we became friends on Facebook but he basically acts like I don’t exist there. Everyone else writes on his wall and he responds…when I write I get nothing. I send private messages trying to start up chit chat and I get nothing. According to Facebook he’s still in a relationship with the girl and is in the process of becoming a preacher.

    I guess I’m pretty much over him now…but this post just made me think of him…and all those times we shared together. Sorry the entry is so long lol

    1. Wow this was a nice share. I think most of us had experiences similar to this…more or less these Wolfs have been playing games with Foxes from that time. I see why Foxes had to take over.

  6. I wonder how this would go on the flip…
    That is to say from a wolf/hybrid perspective that is
    I guess I’m like the guy who got away^^^
    I love foxes lol

  7. Thank God! Glad this Mulatto didn’t fall victim to this faggot, they’re better than that.Honestly I think your delusional anyway, a mulatto wouldn’t want you, don’t want you and never will want you, especially one as sexy as you described him to be.Let me thank God again that he didn’t get caught up in this faggot lifestyle and has a great life as a mixed race person should.He sounds way too good to ever have a crush or any romantic feelings towards you.But you go ahead and continue to worship and reminisce about what never could’ve happened, not even when pigs fly.Black men just keep continuing to be with each other because you will never get with a sexy mixed red/yellow whatever bone.It ain’t gonna happen and if it does they’re probably unattractive.Only the attractive ones stay away from that faggot life, as you can see from this story.I also think you over exaggerated certain details about him touching you and trying to make it like he was feeling you when in reality it was just you wanting someone that you can’t have and never will have because he didn’t want you but this probably made you feel better.Like mulatto would want you!Let this story be a lesson to all of you who read it Mixed dudes don’t want you and never will want you and they’re too good for you anyway so stop dreaming.

    1. ^It’s funny because I messed with other “mulattos” and they loved me.
      Your “point” is pretty null and void.
      Sounds like you are grouping your self hate over on me and my situation.
      I may need to throw holy water on this real quick.

      And just for that, I WILL talk to this sexy black and white mixed Wolf who has been trying to get at me online.
      You gave me sudden inspiration with all this anger.

      Thanks Anon!

    2. You must be in the wrong place, cuz we don’t roll like that. This ain’t MTO or one of those bitchy sites…you sir need to have seat & STFU if you can’t have a respectful dialogue/debate

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