The Gays Started Ebola With All That, Ya Know, Gay Stuff

Ebola-Outbreak-Spreads-Bella-Naija8so the gays are now to blame for ebola.
we always get the good scandals,
don’t we?
well the gay community is under attack in liberia for staring it…
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Training Camp Has Started!

^even tho it’s not “baller wolves”,
look at the tail on homeboy on the right…


it’s that time again.
where baller wolves far and near rejoin their teams to start camp.
this also means there will be special work out sessions going on for the kids (and groupies).
you get your favorites sweaty and in an open field.
this leads to GREAT F-BI work (as well as a nice DR).
take a look at which teams are meeting when…

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It’s Like Chasing Clouds (The Fox Version)

It started with a guy in 2001.

He actually came uninvited to my crib with mutual friends of ours.
I didn’t pay any attention to him attraction-wise, but I was asking who the hell was he?
Seriously, he was very attractive.
He was tall, toned, nice waves, a handsome face, and a mixed red bone.
He was a hood boy/church boy innocence, but he had that “urban model” flair.
His UN-announced ass also brought his hood rat girlfriend too….

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