Is This Lil’ Kim’s Baby Fah-vah?


tumblr_n0ycy8efHQ1qgwi7to1_400well as you know the queen bee,
lil’ kim,
is with a lil’ one.
what everyone wants to know is “who her baby fah-vah is”.
streets was saying a very random floyd mayweather.
um, what?
well an f-bi sent me the alleged baby fah-vah…

everyone meet mr. papers.
he is a rapper and been messin with kim for a while now.
he is HOOD.
well aight kim.
he kinda cute too.
see that’s what i’m talkin about.
look if i was a vixen,
my baby fah-vah would be fione and paid.
fuck this look like.
even if i’m not with him,
i know he would be taking care of his child.
plus you always can get access to ya baby fah-vah pipe.
yes i can be shallow.
if he turned out to be an asshole,
i’m sure my name in his phone would be:


PoeticJusticeAttitudeanyway congrats kim.
i hope you and your baby fah-vah have a happy and healthy baby.

lowkey: so is her career pretty much over at this point?
i love me some kim,
but who would buy her record?

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lil kim instagram | twitter
mr papers instagram | twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Is This Lil’ Kim’s Baby Fah-vah?”

  1. I want to say that this is a publicity stunt, but she has no kids so it might not be. She is almost 40 so..

    Yes her career is over, and I’m not debating with any stans over it either.

  2. And she’s really gonna raise her kid with her face looking like that?She needs to calm the hell down with the botox and nip-tucks or else her face will start looking like a Halloween mask.It already kind of does.I don’t want her to scare her baby.I know a few children that are afraid of their grandmother because she looks… odd.

    I’d say her career is over but you never know.She could get a hot feature on a song that blows up.That seems to be what 90% of singers and rappers do now.

    I almost slipped and called the talentless hacks that plague the radio now, musicians.

  3. She has had too much plastic surgery. Is she competing with Joan Rivers? She must have lose hips or tight lips to satisfy dude–and a paper bag over her face.

  4. She’s been dating “Mr. Papers” for a minute. Congrats to the little Queen/King Bee. I’m just going to let Kim be great. I just hope she doesn’t pass her self-hating ass ways down to her spawn. I wish her a healthy and happy pregnancy though!

    Who know she could possibly have a comeback, however I doubt it. She needs to focus on putting that love into her unborn fetus.

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