“Drunk In Barrel”

tumblr_static_bbanner2beyonce sure knows how to make the “inner sasha fierce” cum up out these dudes.
take this one for example.
he wanted to recreate the “drunk in love” video.
he came with costume,
and choreography

lowkey: not for nothing,
i thought it was peanut.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on ““Drunk In Barrel”

  1. What in the Blue Ivy fuck is this shit. OMG, when is this gone stop, what spell has this lady cast over these sissies. First Lil Kim is pregnant, now this. Jesus is coming back I tell ya real soon.

  2. lmfao i had seen this yesterday on julian serranos fb page, that puerto rican bottom who has a body crafted by the gods…smh anyway i digress this shit was too much…i needed this laugh thanks jamari im over here getting cabin fever lol

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