Is It Better To Fake It Than Be Completely Alone?

I have had to fake an orgasm before.

Um… no. 

You know, a Wolf slides on top of/side of/or behind you and doesn’t know what the FUCK he was doing?
It’s like every time you get in bed with him, you could feel the vomit rising in your throat.
I secretly wanted to tell him, “Hey buddy there are books on ways to fuck me! You ever heard of foreplay?
But, I didn’t want to be rude and be a total asshole.
So I did what a Fox could only do…

I faked it.

I continued to fake it three more times until I decided to leave well enough alone.
But I wondered that if I kept the facade up, where would I be now?
He was interested in pursuing something, BUT he had so many negatives that I could not find one positive reason to stay.
Was I being smart?
Or, should I have done what everyone else is doing these days?

Is it better to fake it?

 I am not a good faker AT. ALL.
It will show ALL over my face and then the gig will be up.
I am sure I would be a easy target playing poker.
But when I get into a relationship, I do not want to fake anything.
I want to go into it with my all and not play the “faking” game.
Getting with someone who is clearly not right for me,
but I do it anyway because I do not want to be alone.

Wolves have been known to fake whole relationships.
But, why are they so good at it?
They can hit you up and make you feel like they are truly interested in you.
They will flirt with you like they are not sleeping with anyone else.
And when they fuck you?
OMG – it is like they LOVE you.
But then they can drop you, move on, and never speak to you again.

Should Foxes learn to fake it before we make it official?
Should we learn to put our feelings to the side while we meet these Wolves?
I know that I have stopped returning texts/phone calls as fast and being so open as I was when I was younger.
I have just learned to go with the flow… but I always seem to expect the worst rather than the best.

Life is general can make even the biggest realists fake it.
But, what happened to being real when we meet someone who may not be so real?
And how do we not fake it when the other person may actually be the real copy of what we are looking for?
He may be a little dusty or even a little fat… but he is a good person who treats us right.
How do we continue to have him slide on top/ on the side/or behind us and not pretend we want something else?

Like the old saying…

Is it better to fake it until you “both” make it?

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Is It Better To Fake It Than Be Completely Alone?”

  1. Had to stop calling, and texting potentials because they werent giving me what I needed. Dont fake it, find someone who is what you desire, not saying dont try something different but if you do and theyre not filling you END IT! You could be missing out on someone who is what youre looking for all because you dont want to be alone. how wolves become good at it, thats a mystery? Wolves themselves are a mystery lol

  2. Nobody should be faking anything. Just because one person is being fake doesnt mean that the other person should be. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to a relationship.

  3. I know this one guy that I totally had sex with because his mama died, and I felt bad for him.. And I kept doing it!! He was like the ugliest, and his house was a disaster, and his peen was small…, but he had a good ass job, stayed buying me stuff, and wanted to pursue a full time relationship.. I’m not a user and I KNOW that karma is real, so I stopped faking it, bowed out gracefully, kept my gifts, and ran for the hills! He still be callin me too!;)

  4. Well there is more to a relationship besides sex…. LMAO!!! But seriously if they bad at sex I would find a nice way to tell them. Or better yet show them how to drive the Lexus. I also feel if the flame is gone then it’s gone unless a spark saves it. S/N I didn’t know men could fake a orgasims??? I mean we do ejaculate

    1. I’d imagine it should be very easy for a fox to fake it, since all we’d have to do is moan convincingly and jack ourselves off. Hell, you really wouldn’t even need to jack yourself off to be convincing in some cases lol.

      I’m not particularly picky when it comes to attraction, so a guy would have to be legit ugly for me to find him totally unattractive.

  5. I’ve faked it many times. Lmao!

    How do you tell someone their head game is like that of a puppy licking you and the moment has passed altogether?

    I usually do something along the lines of “Ohhh shit I’m about to nut! Ohhh shit. Ohhhhhhhh shittttt!”

    Dudes kill me trying to probe for an evaluation of their performance afterwards. If you have to question whether your sex is good, then there’s your answer. Lol

  6. I actually do this a lot in just about every business meeting and most public interactions. I fake it so much its convincing. My real friends and people who know me, just nod and follow along until we get to ourselves and then we either laugh and shake our heads.

    The intent behind fake it is to never burn a bridge that can be used again in the future for the advancement of our cause. People say I don’t want to use anyone, but people use us everyday for different stuff, especially a large quantity of wolves. So my sentiments are to fake it till I make it, and never have any need or want not met in the process.

  7. When it comes to my dating life I am totally honest. If you ask me if I’m your type I’ll will not give you the answer you wanna hear. I don’t dance around blatant sexual advances and play coy because you think it’s flirting, I’ll tell you to go through your contacts and find the next hoe (maybe a ‘jayden’ or a ‘semaj’ or a ‘domo’). I can’t really fake interaction with men because my face is very expressive and I’m a terrible liar so you’ll be able to tell.

    And I think what’s most frustrating when dealing with wolves is this idea that we have to pretend not to like you just to keep you from running away. Like the moment they feel you getting attached they go cold and eventually stop calling. I find this cycle of emotional unavailability to be common amongst the more masculine set. I don’t quite understand the idea of faking disinterest to get you to like me. You’d simply be interested in my disinterest.

  8. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned the importance of being able to fake it, if only to protect my own heart. I heard someone say once that you should always make sure the one you love loves you more than you love them and I think that’s true.

    That said, in dating, if I’m not really interested, it’ll show.I can only fake that for so long. I’ll become despondent. Won’t be as attentive.
    But I’ve learned in dating, as Vain said, that the more “disinterested” you appear, the more interested a wolf will be. Which is so stupidly backwards to me.

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