When We Role Play… (23)

Foxes and Hybrids…

You met a Wolf that is head over heels for you.
He has a GREAT job, money in the bank, his own spots, and 3 whips.
He plays in the NFL and has GREAT money handles (plus he is pretty smart himself).
You held out because you didn’t trust him, but he has proved he is legit.
SO…. you say, “FUCK IT” and decided to give him the drawz.
It has been 3 months and you are horny.

So you go over his crib…
you get to kissing…
to groping…
to rubbing…

… and when he drops his sweats, he reveals the SMALLEST PENIS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!

It has to be like 4 inches HARD.

All that working out has made his poor sausage Vienna…
Did I mention he looked like this:

He is a stallion.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (23)”

  1. I would ride that miniature pony like my life depended on it!! And make sure he knew that I felt like that thang was huge, and that he was the best lover of all times!! I’m a libra, sometimes you have to do what you gotta do for the lifestyle that you’ve become accustomed to!

  2. Depends on how deep the feelings run between us is the determining factor if I stay or go…I can’t and won’t leave someone just because their penis is that small, especially with a lifestyle like that! There are other ways for complete sexual gratification and besides I’m not that big on penetration anyway so homeboy would have to lay on his back pronto!

  3. Well the mention of NFL got me open from jump. But I would give him a whirl you never know how it would turn out. I had a dude who had like 6 inches hard and surprisingly he wasn’t that bad. He wasn’t mind blowin or texting, Facebook, or reading comics in my phone he was ok. It’s just a shame someone that fine is stricken with a small pecker. S/N not all us gym rats are hurt in that way Jamari lol

  4. I’m locking him down.
    Sex is not a huge deal to me and honestly, big dicks are only nice to look at.If he has everything else I’m looking for in a man, a small dick isn’t going to make me walk away from the situation.

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