Is It Better To Fake It Than Be Completely Alone?

I have had to fake an orgasm before.

Um… no. 

You know, a Wolf slides on top of/side of/or behind you and doesn’t know what the FUCK he was doing?
It’s like every time you get in bed with him, you could feel the vomit rising in your throat.
I secretly wanted to tell him, “Hey buddy there are books on ways to fuck me! You ever heard of foreplay?
But, I didn’t want to be rude and be a total asshole.
So I did what a Fox could only do…

I faked it.

I continued to fake it three more times until I decided to leave well enough alone.
But I wondered that if I kept the facade up, where would I be now?
He was interested in pursuing something, BUT he had so many negatives that I could not find one positive reason to stay.
Was I being smart?
Or, should I have done what everyone else is doing these days?

Is it better to fake it?

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