I’m Taking This Beatin’ But I Hope It Brings Pleasure One Day

life is a series of roads, mountains, peaks, and valleys.
sometimes thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and darkness.
many of us are not equipped to handle the trials of life.
some of us see the mountain and say, “fuck that bulllllllshit“.
some think because they can’t afford it like everyone else, they can’t do it.
others will jump through the fire and dance within the flames.
those “others” are the ones that we secretly admire.
they go for theirs and don’t give a damn about anything or anyone else.
but, how do they get to that point?
they could have been stagnant,
but they kept going even when things seemed dark and doomed.
i started to wonder…

are you a fighter?

like i said,
this year has been hard for me.
i have been going through a continuous wave of bullshit.
but, i do have to thank god that my bills are paid and i’m never without food.
i thank god for that.
even though i can’t buy a fresh pair of kicks or jeans,
i take pride in knowing that i am fighting.
fighting for something better.
even though it looks so scary right now,
and i’m tired of feeling these punches,
i hope that a KO can lead me to my victory.

many people go in the other direction.
they turn to drugs,
loose sex,
and other distractions that turn them all the way out.
they went from “the success story” to “just another nigga in these streets“.
but i had to wonder if it was all their fault?
did they not have anyone around them to guide them?
or, were they just tired of fighting?

this morning,
i was thinking about all the people i know who are going nowhere.
couple years ago, you couldn’t tell them shit.
they were going to be singers, rappers, baller wolves, and other careers that would allow them to make bank.
somehow, they lost themselves and are now “nobodies“.
they either have a ton of kids, no money, drug problems, still holding onto a dream that has clearly passed, or dead.
but something happened to make the road curve south.
they didn’t just wake up one morning and that was it.
something made them stop fighting.
stop dreaming.

we all want to be paid out the ass,
but is it for everyone?
the ones we think make it; don’t.
the ones who were the underdogs; rise.
but how can you spot “the underdog”.
how can you tell who is the next
bill gates?
steve jobs?
or even diddy?
is there a look?
or is a mindset?
is it bragging online?
or, is it no friends at all?
you ever notice the “cute” ones online are the ones everyone worships.
george hill is the sexy wolf who is trying to be a rapper,
or a model,
or something…

where is the ugly niggas like notorious b.i.g who chasing dreams?
they are the ones who slip in and take the crown.

so, i had to ask…

Are you going to make it?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7I-GOcPo64]

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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