If You Don’t Clap For The Gays, You Will Die

milan-christopher-miles-brockokay so everyone has been barking about this today.
even people i know.
so milan christopher and miles brock,
cast members on “love and hiphop: hollywood”,
appeared on “the wendy show” yesterday.
well two audience members decided they weren’t going to clap when they came out onto the stage.
i know!
check the clip and hurry

“i’m not clapping…”

c98e0b85f2aff462128aa41e6907cc64well all i have to say is…
























they didn’t want to clap.
this is the problem i have with “us”.
we get all upset because someone doesn’t want to “support” us.
its one thing when one of those muscular dumb asses on instagram says:


okay send his ass to hell in a hand basket.
these two women decided they didn’t want to clap.
we don’t know why they didn’t clap.
it could be because of the obvious.
it could also be because they don’t like their characters.
hell they could dislike the outfits they have on.
all we know is they just didn’t want to clap.
again: who the fuck cares?
they are entitled to not clap if they choose not to..
we don’t support every straight animal in the forest.
i’m so confused at this outrage.
a f-bi sent me this of vlogger,
justin j,
going in on them:

why is he so angry???

why is he calling them names?????
you woulda thought they didn’t clap for him.
i can’t.
i seriously can’t.
maybe i’m a different breed of gay,
but shit like this does not offend me.
if she said:

“i’m not clapping for these flaming faggots”

…then i may have said “wow”.
we need to understand that not everyone will like us.
there are people who do not like gays in 2015.
i really have to ask the foxhole tho…

Is it really that serious?

lowkey: the thing that kills me…
is some of “us” are so NASTY to everyone,
but will get in our feelings when some irrelevant shit like this happens.
…and from two d list reality stars.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

54 thoughts on “If You Don’t Clap For The Gays, You Will Die”

  1. Really? I dint like vanilla ice cream but I don’t tell the store manager to stop selling it. They don’t have to clap. Some people aren’t clappers. She didn’t yell out something offensive …dayum. she didn’t clap.

  2. I think it’s so petty. The whole point of this is to have gays treated like your average person. Getting mad because someone didn’t clap? Gays aren’t royalty, Obama doesn’t even get that treatment.

    I get people want to be supportive, but when you’re doing too much it makes shit worse. This is my definition of too much. 😒

  3. It wasn’t that serious at all. I was reading comments about Milan and Miles on an urban blog earlier and to sum it up many people are still very ignorant and homophobic, and homophobia will probably never go away. The ones who watched Love and Hip Hop when Miles come out to his sisters and his ex girl. How do you feel about their reactions?

    1. That girl is acting like a grown ass baby. Did you see how she went and rolled on the ground screaming? He dodged a bullet.

      He wasn’t dating her and he never said he would date her. He was just being there for his best friend. She was delusional, not like he led her on.

      1. Lol when she was rolling around on the ground I was done. She definitely need to be nominated for a razzie award for worst actress.

    2. I as a woman has empathy for her .Even though they haven’t dated in ,I think she said about three years,She was still in love with him.Although I sorta side eyed her when she said people have been telling her since high school he was gay.She said friends,family said he was gay.Hell even her 70 year old grandmother said I knew it.She was in denial.Since he is like a father to her 12 year daughter.I think she had a fantasy about a happy family so she was blind to the red flags.Like him being a bestie with an openly gay single man.I’ve noticed a lot of guys on IG who are not out refer to their bae as their bestie

      1. As a man that was raised by a big mama (kept the entire family together), I hate to see the mothers hurt by DL men situations. This didn’t seem like one of them situations to me.
        This was a woman in denial. She’s been best friends with this man and ‘haven’t noticed’. They broke up and became friends, he never once said to her he wanted more. He didn’t tell her not to date. He didn’t have a baby with her, but as a loyal friend he helped. This is why people are on the DL; he was there for her always, then she acts like a clown when he needs her.

  4. Who cares? We know black people (especially the mamas) do what they feel like. My mama had an attitude for my whole birthday and mumbled “happy birthday” to me. They could just have been saying “when the give away part coming girl? I been out here since 7”

  5. Justin J doesn’t even like Miles and Milan.Miles’ sister,Miles and Milan have blocked him on IG and he was blocked on Twitter.As for those two women apparent one is the wife and the other the sister of a Pentecostal minister.If that is true why are they at Wendy’s show which is all about gossip.

    In other LGBT news Please check out Out in Hip Hop on VH1
    Also Raven Symons and AzMarie are over after three years.I thought it was odd that Raven was nowhere on her IG for months

    1. Now that you mention it. The look those women gave was more like “Girl I hope Mustang don catch us on atv” like it was Cellie and Nettie from the color purple.

  6. It is not that serious. It’s funny because this website introduced me to Justin J ‘s videos. The DL church queens video.

    I feel like the only type of people who want acceptance from everyone are the ones who don’t accept themselves.

    Those ladies have every right to not clap.

  7. I’m gonna have to disagree with you here Jamari. Now, to be clear…. I’m not outraged. Yes, they are entitled to their opinion….I encourage differences.

    Let’s infer they didn’t clap because the two men on stage are gay (this is a reasonable inference based on context, “Res ipsa loquitor”).

    The outrage (FOR ME!) is the hypocrisy these women were exhibiting. Which apparently many Christians suffer from when it comes to Gays. First, you’re on the Wendy Williams show, this isn’t Bible study. They knew exactly what kind of show they were visiting. One could assume that this segment occurred after “Hot Topics” where gossip (a sin) is celebrated, messiness is encouraged, salaciousness is applauded, and fornication is the solution.

    Somehow, these women managed to make it up to that point. Now I highly doubt they sat silent the entire show and never applauded. Yet, once the GAYS came out….that was where they drew the line. Girl, bye. Not to mention the applause was to WELCOME the two men on the stage….not applauding their sexuality. They were taking some fake ass stand.

    LOL. It’s hilarious. It speaks to every hypocrite who hops on their religious moral pedestal when it’s convenient.

    Bottom line, they looked stupid. They looked like hypocrites. And when someone does something hypocritical and dumb….they get dragged.

    This ain’t something just black or gays have a monopoly on. Ask any Republican how it feels to have the media drag them for their hypocrisy. Or for their ridiculous behaviors. People just don’t like to be called out….Social media puts everyone under a microscope.

    Now of course, this rant is assuming that they were hating on the gays, and not on the fact that maybe Wendy wouldn’t let them go change their tampon…I dunno. But considering the context, and the universal understanding that back women are some of the most notorious homophobes out there……I just need these two women to reevaluate their convictions.

    Thats all. lol

    1. ^how do you know they are church women tho?
      until it’s confirmed,
      and this was their intentions,
      then no one should be up in arms about this.
      they didn’t clap.

      so what?
      do you clap or support everyone?

      1. Jamari,

        Well said… Also, people in our community can be some of the most critical, hateful, and selfish people. For example, when a gay person makes fun of someone it is considered okay in our community, but if someone makes fun of a gay person he or she is considered a bully or homophobic. What our community should be doing is trying to educate others about the LGBT community, be role models, and realize that they lack knowledge about our lifestyle. We need to have patience and understanding toward others as we would like for them to have for us, and that will help us get over some barriers that the LGBT community is facing. Also, as the poster above like many others, calling people out of their names does not help the situation, but makes it worse and can be considered being immature and unable to grasp a logical analysis / response to a situation. We do not know why those people did not clap or what experiences they may have had with a gay person.

      2. Very well said Dee, I agree with what you said. I take a similar stance in a lot of my arguments in defence of marginalized groups of people.

        In spite of that I just dont care about some dumb old women on a show who are not clapping. Don’t care why they’re not clapping.
        Tbh i’m not sure why there’s a fuss over irrelevant people in an audience. Who are they again?

        It’s like youtube or even a blog. Most people tune in to what they like so most of the feedback will be positive with some constructive criticism while there’s always at least one person who doesn’t like it. It’s statistical. It really is no more than that. Just remember that at least 90% of the audience clapped, so I don’t think we have anything to worry about…yet. Having (a few) haters can actually be a good thing anyway, regardless of how stupid they can be lol.

      3. Lol. the clap the audience was doing had nothing to do with “support.” Like most guests that come on the show…they are applauded when coming out on stage.

        They didn’t have to applaud. They don’t have to support. It does however look petty and inconsiderate considering what kind of show it is, and the CONTEXT of the applause. This is the WENDY show, which quite frankly is gay friendly.

        They don’t have to do anything other than stay black, and die. But can you at least admit that they looked mighty petty considering where they were?

        They weren’t welcoming. So it’s understandable that there is “outrage,” or confusion when they APPEAR to withhold their applause when the gays walk in.

        I think it’s a legitimate reaction to what was seen on the show, in the context it was given.

        It’s like you have a birthday party and people show up with bad attitudes, and refuse to wish you a happy birthday. Yes, they are entitled to their opinion, no, they don’t have to clap or support you…but….why did you come?

        It’s in poor taste…and tacky.

        I don’t know anything about their religious background…or beliefs…but the way they reacted in that clip, taking into account the situation they were in, and who was in the room, things do not add up being anything other than homophobia. I don’t think that’s a far off, or ridiculous assumption.

    2. Okay, I’ll pretend that they didn’t clap because two gay men walked out.

      Even then, why do they have to clap? I’m confused as to who these two are that EVERYONE must absolutely clap and love. They’re from an entertaining and messy show. It’s not wrong for someone to dislike you, it’s wrong when that person violates you.

  8. Ooh Jamari i love your blog, i really do but let’s not play dumb here, you’re certainly not. They didn’t clap because they’re gay, and tbh if you didn’t despite Milan and Miles that much (two d list reality stars) because they’re attentionistos you would have agreed with that. Of course it’s really not that big, they didn’t clap, they’re just stupid no need make all that drama… but if anyone wanna drag them, go ahead. Because as free as they’re to not clap people are free to comment on their behavior, that’s what happen when you gon on tv right, people are free to talk shit about you.
    Now let me call you on your own hypocrisy jamari. You’ve been dragging the kardashian and others from Tangier to Cape Town about things they’ve done without even knowing their intentions and now you wanna be mad about that and act like the voice of wisdom because “people don’t even know the real reason these poor ladies didn’t clap”. Well that really hilarious coming from you.
    I still love you tho.

    1. ^its ok Louis.
      you can still like/defend the kardashians and I’ll still continue to have an opinion about them and pretty much everything else.
      thanks for commenting!

      1. It’s all fun tho. And tbf i don’t like the kardash, i don’t dislike them, but i do like objectivity. So my point here is sometimes people get mad and do too much for things that are not really that serious, you too, all of us, that’s how people are.

  9. I wouldn’t clap for attention whores masquerading as activists either. It encourages them.

    Irrelevant gay black men on tv making up storylines as some false, gay right bravado.

    Gays stay glorifying the WRONG people. That’s probably the only thing they have in common with the black community.

    Everyone isn’t going to support gay shit.

    Get the entire fuck over it.

    You can now get married. Be happy.

    Some countries are still killing homosexuals. Be grateful.

    1. ^and that’s what kills me.

      wtf have these two done to warrant such applause?
      last I remember,
      milan is a gigantic attentioniso.
      the only thing they did was show the world gays aren’t rhoa sidekicks.
      we can actually be regular dudes unlike what society is use to.

      1. It’s common courtesy on talk show for the audiences to welcome the guest.Half the guest on Wendy shows are reality stars so all them are attention shores.It’s not like this is Meet the Press.If they can clap for Snooki and J Wow from the Jersey Show….

      2. I’m not gonna applaud someone because I don’t think they deserve it. Yet, I come on a show that I know regularly applauds “attentionisto(a)s.” I knew in advance who would be on the show. Yet, I remained in the audience during their segment. I don’t agree with homosexuality. Yet, I come on the Wendy Show which essentially trademarked the phrase “how you doin.”


    2. Well half of Miles family is no longer speaking to him since he came out six months ago when they filmed this episode.So although America is not killing Gays like many countries do,people are still in 2015 being rejected and disowned by their families.So gays can get married in fifty states ,they can also get fired for being gay in most states.So yeah get over wanting equality ,maintain the status quo.These women have a right to hate gays just like bigots have the right to hate Blacks.I have the right to call out bigots and bigotry.

      1. At the end of the day, anyone can choose to clap OR NAH for whomever they please and the only ones that look like idiots are the ones pressed by it.

      2. So what’s the solution? Make laws and march so the family members of gay people will accept them?

        Questions about sexuality shouldn’t even be entertained in the workplace, just like employers can’t ask you if you are married or have kids in a job interview. It’s only important if it affects your ability to do the job. So I’m inclined to believe any gay person that feels they got fired as a result of their sexuality might’ve been grandstanding and if you can afford to jeopardize you livelihood over something that doesn’t even pertain to your job that’s on them.

        Soooo many other important issues this country needs to address…

    3. You might be surprised but JAY I actually agree with you here,esp about glorifying the wrong people. Okay, I don’t watch these shows (which is actually part of my point, being that I’m not going to watch any of these shows looking for representations of myself in any way shape or form, its pure entertainment, if you find it so) so I don’t know much about these people, from what it seems, they seem like nice and decent people, however, I’m not convinced that going on a Love & Hip Hop show is the platform to “raise awareness” so to speak on what it means to be a gay man. Please spare me the incoming “but they’re gay in hip-hop, they’re representing their niche market” argument, I know, but they could just be characters ( the choice of word “character” implying that this whole concept is scripted in the first place) that are just gay without acting like they are revolutionizing the game. They could be gay characters on a show, just playing their roles, and should kind of keep it at that.

      They may be a decent representation, but I personally don’t buy that this “relationship” is 100% real. This show is about making profit, and selling storylines, don’t get lost in the hubbub. Remember when Kellon and that trans girl (sorry, don’t remember her name) got some hype? No one was buying that. To me, this has been no different from the jump. They’re not representative of a “couple” that I would personally be saying “relationship goals” over (assuming I’d say that on the regular in the first place, which isn’t the case anyway.)

      They’re a decent first step, but I’m still waiting for something more legitimate.

  10. It is obvious they didn’t clap because they didn’t like the guys or the show.In the Video you can clearly see the one on the right,say “I’m not clapping”.Miles and Milan were not the first guest so she probably clapped for the Editor of Ebony and told her friend I am not clapping for them.No biggie most of the audience welcomed them,so why focus on a couple people.

  11. I totally agree with you Jamari, who really gives a flying fuck!!! That’s how they feel. You live your life, let them live theirs!!! Every one will not agree with the way you live your life!!! Live your life the way you want to, fuck every thing else!!! Fuck them!!! Lol!!

  12. The world could be blowing up or they about to put a bitch nigga for president next year, but the homos are going to town on two women for not clapping. LMFAO

  13. We all have the right to clap or not clap.
    We all have the right to like or not like something.
    We all have the right to give our opinion on why we think they didn’t clap. Personally I ignore topics that I consider dumb ass bullshit,but that’s just me.Also if you want to discuss the presidential candidates or the state of the union…..Oh,never mind.

      1. LOL!
        I know you’re just kidding, but this would be a conversation that would be very interesting with the people in this foxhole. A political debate would get heated fast.
        I feel like that would be a conversation worth having though.

  14. J I’m actually with Justin on this. I wouldn’t give a fuck if they were just standing there not clapping but the shade they were throwing adjusting her glasses and actually saying I’m not clapping….she might as well could’ve added the faggots part at the end. Maybe you feel different because your not openly gay.

  15. Let me also add that I don’t think it was serious enough for him to read into the ground but I don’t it’s right to dismiss how he feels. I really hate they us vs. them type of mentality when it comes to gay black men. I feel rather you are dl/discreet/ masculine/ fem/ drag essentially we should all be in this fight together. I hate when so call “masc” conservative gays look down their noses at the out and proud fem gays. If it weren’t for them and the many others being out on the forefront we wouldn’t be where we are today which is alot closer to freedom and acceptance than 20 years ago

    1. ^fly…

      first let me say that I love your comments.
      you always add another perspective.
      what gets me is when “we” don’t stand up and support everything,
      it’s always a “them” vs “us” issue.
      this is not an issue for people to be up and arms about.
      these are two ratchet reality stars who,
      just a couple months ago,
      were trying to hard to become famous.
      milan has been attention hoin since he bust on the scene.
      the other one i don’t know.
      it’s one thing if it was Jason Collins or even Michael Sam.

      it’s two cast members on lhhh.

      not to be rude,
      but it’s really not that serious.
      these women don’t have to clap for anyone.
      and if they don’t want to clap,
      because they think they are gay,
      why is it really a big deal?
      it’s two audience members compared to everyone else who was.
      and what if people were clapping and really calling them “faggots” under their breath?
      is it better to just be fake?

      like shit like this doesn’t bug me.
      i wouldn’t give a fuck.

      1. Oh and it has nothing to do with being “out” or “in”.
        it has to do with what’s important and what’s a non issue.

        if I went up there and they didn’t clap…
        im on the stage getting an interview and they in the audience.
        who won?

      2. I agree with you Jamari, and Flyfoxx I agree with your comment about the double standards of openly gay vs. dl/discreet etc. in a general sense, but not in this context.
        This isn’t about someone’s status of “gayness” its about 2 unknown old women in an audience of probably 300-500 not clapping. I’m still confused as to why people are actually getting worked up about 2 nobodies. If 400/500 of them booed them or didnt clap when they walked out, I’d raise an eyebrow and say “uh-oh”, but 2 people? *yawns*

  16. I understand his anger.. It’s obvious why they didn’t clap… Homophobia!!!.. Gays have been silent too long and though I personally would not verbalize it the same , I stand behind and understand his discouragement. Please note that ‘ READING’ is part of his Steez /Blog/ Persona ( he has a youtube Channel and his” Personality” is a part of it)

    Now Changing subjects on ‘ Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ ….. Amber was not born a Male( which I welcome) I feel that there are many beautiful Transgender who are made for the camera and I applaud her and the rest of trailblazers Straight , Gay Bi Trans etc….

    There is no way she was born Female( and that’s cool with me..she had some good work done)

  17. Lets say it was Bill Cosby coming to the stage and some women clapped and some women did not clap, would the women who clapped be supporters of rape? Would the women who did not clap be accused of assuming guilt with no conviction by jury or judge? Or could it just be a choice to clap or not clap based on personal aesthetic. Everyone has a right to live in what ever prism or distortion afforded by a particular viewpoint.

  18. Hi Jamari! I have been checking out your website and I have left a comment or two here and there on a couple of your postings. I would like to add my two cents into this: I want to say that Justin J should’ve just kept his opinion to himself; however, he’s entitled to it. In fact, what irks me about him and many other gays like him (primarily black gay men) is that they are all for the idea of being mean spirited and calling it “reading”and “shade” when clearly it’s not. It’s mere name calling at this point and I’m very much over him and his ways.

    Now onto Miles and Milan, when they walked out, people clapped and two women didn’t. Did that stopped Wendy Williams from interviewing them? No! The show must go on! I mean it’s two women that didn’t clap, not the whole room, not Wendy Williams, and not her viewers. In fact, you probably had at-home viewers who probably did the same as those two women.

    In the end, I’m not offended, but I do get tired of the same old ish that many people would say about gays in general. From the church house to the barber shop. Also, we as gay black men need to get out of our feelings about being supported. Now the only thing I would say to Justin J is to really get out of his feelings and grow the f*** up! He’s too old to even say anything childish. Plus, his fans and friends are a reflection of him as well which is sad also. Again Jamari, thanks for sharing your views on everything and keep up the good work on this blog.


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