I Got Banged Out By Pre Baller Wolves (and All I Got Was This Book Deal)

tumblr_mv1xtrj1qM1qjpqono1_500i remember a scene in spike lee’s “he got game”.
jesus shuttlesworth went to look at a college trying to recruit him.
well he ended up having a 3some with two snow bunnies.
good flick.
check it out sometime.
so the life of a potential pre baller wolf is usually pretty exciting.
more often than not,
they are treated like a god in the recruitment process.
every college will lay down the red carpet just so they will sign on the dotted lines.
sometimes the colleges will do just about “anything”.
like hire an escort hoe and her cubs to fuck the pen in their hand?
ooohhhhhhh yeah.
well in a new book called,
“breaking cardinal rules: basketball and the escort queen”,
it takes us deep into the alleged recruiting process at the university of louisville.
i read this article on prnewswire and well…


Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Dick Cady and escort Katina Powell have written an expose of recruiting tactics used in the basketball program at University of Louisville, based on Powell’s experience providing sexual services at the school.

Breaking Cardinal Rules explores the length that a storied basketball program will go to secure the nation’s top high school basketball talent.   

I looked in those young faces, and their eyes reflected their fear and loss of innocence.  (We’ve) done so many recruits, it is sickening,” Powell laments. Escorting, dancing and sex was Powell’s occupation.  She ran the business with a troupe of strippers, including her own daughters.

Powell kept five journals with details of her escort escapades, sexual encounters, murdered relatives and activities at the University of Louisville.  Most of the U of L services she provided took place in the men’s dormitory where basketball players reside.  Her main contact and the man who paid for her services–the school’s former director of basketball operations and former graduate assistant, Andre McGee–kept Powell and her girls busy from 2010 to 2014. She has hundreds of text exchanges with him to set up her services as well as pictures of her girls with players and recruits.

Powell does not present a sympathetic character. Her life is full of contradictions. She has no remorse for her life or the choices she has made. Her story is true, and Breaking Cardinal Rules goes into firsthand and graphic detail. “This story needs to be told,” says publisher Patricia Keiffner

and then more details via ibj.com:

At those parties, Powell said, high school-age recruits were offered alcohol by McGee, who also arranged additional payment to her and her dancers if the recruits wanted to have sex with them.

In the book, Powell said that over time, she received more than $10,000 for supplying women for parties. That does not include the hundreds of one dollar bills thrown at the strippers by McGee, the recruits and players or the cash paid to the women who had sex with the recruits afterward, Powell added.

“I felt like I was part of the recruitment team. A lot of them players went to Louisville because of me,” Powell said in the book.

Powell said she has no regrets about the parties.

“I didn’t look at it as being wrong,” she said. “I looked at it as surviving.”

But later she had some misgivings.

“The only time I viewed it as being wrong is when I looked at the recruits’ faces when they were getting the sex,” Powell said. “It kind of made you feel bad that you have this young guy coming in to a college campus thinking he’s going to have a little fun, not knowing he’s going to have two or three girls on him at one time, he’s going to get alcohol, he’s going to get anything he wants or that they offer at that time.”

Powell describes in the book how one recruit was hustled out as his mother, not knowing what was going on, came to retrieve him.

After a couple of years providing strippers for the basketball players, Powell said in the book, she became irritated about increasing requests from McGee, the former University of Louisville basketball staffer.

In a journal entry, she wrote: “I promise I’m waiting for the right time to take these bastards down. … I just have to be smart and patient as well. At the right time, when I decide to tell my story, I will tell my story.”

Powell told IBJ that she didn’t mean that journal entry to be vindictive. But if what she and her fellow escorts were doing came to light, she said, she wanted people to know that the requests for these services were coming from inside the University of Louisville.

and if she cares about getting sued:

Powell said she has no fear of getting sued over the book.

“What would I get in trouble for? Telling the truth?” Powell said.

She said she thinks the University of Louisville should shoulder most of the blame for what happened, pointing out that McGee approached her through an intermediary—a friend of Powell’s who runs a Louisville barbershop.

“[The university] came to me and asked me to do it,” Powell said. “That’s how they got their recruits. Everybody involved was to blame, but at any time the university could have stopped it.”

this is what katrina powell looks like:
she looks like what i think a “trap queen” would look like.

are we shocked this happens?
the things i hear that go down at college campuses with pre-baller wolves.
the things i hear that go down with the dl ones
my thing is,
she was/is a hoe that was paid for her services…

Why is she talking now?

now don’t get me wrong,
hoes always tell the best stories,
but she seems upset in 2015.
i hate a hoe who suddenly gets a conscience.
she wasn’t upset when she was getting paid to get banged out by under-aged wolves.
(10,000 tho?
isn’t pussy supposed to be power?)
she also wasn’t upset when she was watching/listening to her cubs getting banged out either.
whatttti woulda “thunk” the old school hoes were better at keeping secrets.
i guess not.
either way it won’t stop me from reading!
you neither!
“breaking cardinal rules: basketball and the escort queen” is available now.
7.99 on kindle/ebooks and 17.95 hard copy!

lowkey: i would love to talk to a baller wolves about their recruitment process into their colleges.
like i want the full ratchet scoop with details!

bucket list.

purchase: hard copy | kindle

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16 thoughts on “I Got Banged Out By Pre Baller Wolves (and All I Got Was This Book Deal)”

  1. ESPN’s OTL had an extended show devoted to this story. I am at a loss at the fact that she had her daughters participate in the escorting.

      1. It is a family business.Im watching the daughters interview on ESPN right now.Five players have confirmed they attended parties.

      2. It just went off it was on ESPN sports center.ESPN said five players confirmed it happened but they want let their names be used.The daughters named the players they slept with but I don’t follo sports.Outside the Lines was the named of the program,it may be online.The mother kept a journal so she had the names,dates,escorts names,etc.Head Coach Pittino says he doesn’t know if it did or didn’t happen.

  2. Yeah she looks like a female pimp lol

    She’s talking now be causing she wants to turn this into a lucrative book deal and more. You can’t tell me she doesn’t look up to ” Super Head” as a hero.

    She claims she’s worried about about taking away the innocent from these young men. Kiss me either the bullshit
    These young men are:

    1.) big football stars at their school who are use to getting pussy thrown at them and getting their way

    2.) are not going to turn down said pussy, liquor, and whatever to keep their. ” innocent” .

    I’m not hating her hustle just be up front with the the reason you’re doing it.

  3. Ugh, I really hate how many of these schools sell out young African American men just for profit. It’s a sad and disgusting story for everyone involved.

    1. I agree,at some of these schools less than 20 percent of Black male student athletes graduate from college.So they provide them with hookers,some chump change and when they get injured they send them on their way.

  4. Escorting happens everywhere, it’s just on the low now. I have no problem if both are appropriate age and are doing this willingly.

    This bitch here is stupid though! How she trying to expose something when she was the one that introduced her daughters.

    I’m curious about how crazy it gets though, can’t lie.

  5. Now watch how all the white folks at the schools deny any knowledge. The Head Coach already claimed he knew nothing about it. This McGee guy needs to be smart. He is already taking leave from his current job. He shouldn’t think about being loyal to anyone but himself. Don’t take the fall unless you are getting something major out of it.

    1. I agree.He was a graduate student when this first started.So where did he get the money to pay for these parties? This went on for four years.The coaches knew what was happening.

      1. He is the fall guy. Lipstick alley as well as myself exposed this last year in the escorting that goes on behind the scenes threads. Them white coaches are liars they were in on it because they orchastrated it. They are the main financial backers of it. Do yall think she would still be alive or talking if it were about them. Yeah, I didnt think so!! lmao That man better fall back and protect hisself. I swear my people can be so gullible. Im pretty sure he should of at least questioned why they put him in charge and let him run it this long. And bet you the escorts were mostly black women. You know dang well they wouldnt let them white girls get down without being monitored.

  6. The way she was writing this made it seem like she felt bad for the pre-ballers. (Or maybe I’m reading this wrong?)

    What young guy doesn’t want to be surrounded by hot girls and liquor?

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