I Guess I Can Let Devin Thomas Out My Bedroom For Some Air

I mean, I haven’t been uppin Devin for a while.
He has been quiet as of late.
But anytime is Devin time, right?

Here is a video of him at Stadium in DC, celebrating his Super Bowl win…


We soooooooo smashed that night.
The penis was extra good since he won.

Well, my dream does count, right?

BTW Devin: short fade ALWAYS.
That Jheri Curl look is not the business.
I taught you better than this.

^I own this.
Back up everyone.
I do carry mace.


Jesus be a fence.

BTW: The Vixen sounds real ratchet to be so pretty.
I have seen her in pics before and I def did not think she would sound like that.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “I Guess I Can Let Devin Thomas Out My Bedroom For Some Air”

      1. C’mon Jamari, you can get his dick, and I can get his ass. Nah I’m just playing Jamari, I don’t want him. It’s obvious to me that he’s a full wolf.

    1. Okay! I know he belong to you J, but im going to borrow him for a lil bit. Ill give him back when im finish Lmao

  1. Yes devin is sexy but I have moved on jimmy graham is my new target. And he did get traded to Chicago so that means more sexy niggas on the feild. Does this mean your gona move Jamari??

    1. He’ll have Laron Landry to help him dry those tears…lol

      Meanwhile, I need to find Mr. Cruz & brush up on my salsa & Spanish…

      1. how they are gona be on two different teams in two different states.

        and ill just drop to my knees for mr cruz he can understand that

  2. Hold up! You mean to tell me Devin Thomas and Julius Peppers are playing on the same team? That’s too much sexiness for one team, just look at DeSean Jackson and Nnamdi Asomugha.

    1. Nnamdi and DemSean play for Philly bro but I feel ya on Julius peppers. Plus have u seen the new slim tight uniforms???

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