i don’t think kirk franklin should have to apologize for cussing out his son tbh

i’ve had the pleasure of meeting kirk franklin at my last job and i’m gonna font it:

He was one of the most pleasant and down-to-earth celebrities I ever met!

he took pictures with everyone,
spoke to us as he knew us for years,
and was a massive light within that office.
one of my ex-co-workers,
who was a huge stan,
wasn’t in the office and he recorded a personal and funny message just for her.
i was sold after that.

You know I don’t “do” rude people or celebs.

he made me feel so comfortable to talk to him and we spoke for such a long time.
i told him how much his “hello fear” album brought me through some tough times.
for the first time i think in his long-standing career,
he is in a scandal that everyone is talking about.
his son,
outed a phone conversation that had kirk taking off his full “christian”…


was that agatha hartness cackling in the background?

everyone is up in arms because he is so heavy in christianity,
but have people actually grown up within a christian household?
or have they forgotten because he is a celebrity?

Christian parents are still people and will go HAM on their kids

first of all,
what is the context of his son outing him?
his son tried to make him look bad and we don’t know why.
during the “what was supposed to be private” conversation,
he taunted kirk by saying:

“I dare you.”

he ordered and kirk delivered.
did his son leave a tip after?

it all ended up with kirk having to apologize on his ig:


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i don’t know why kirk is apologizing.
we don’t need that apology because he didn’t do anything wrong in my eyes.
just because he is a christian,
that doesn’t mean he isn’t human.
growing up amongst jehovah’s witnesses and entering the pentecostal sector,
i’ve seen many christians have to break their verbal foot off in their kid’s asses.
whenever star fox or his brothers did wrong,
his father who was a higher-up within the church,
never failed to start off a sentence with:


this is one of my many gripes with “christian” people.
it’s always this sense of trying to be perfect which never works out.
i still fucks with kirk heavy.

check out kirk and his amazing performance on “tiny desk“:

lowkey: i think the son owes kirk and us an apology tbh.

Author: jamari fox

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29 thoughts on “i don’t think kirk franklin should have to apologize for cussing out his son tbh”

  1. Im gon say this, I felt that, “when yo BITCH ass”. Kirk don’t have to apologize because clearly his son is threatening him. When your child is threatening you for ANY reason, it takes more than the hand of GOD to restrain you. Christian or Atheist, you don’t disrespect your parent(s) and then put it on the internet to expose them. His son is clearly trying to destroy his Public Image as a Gospel artist but at the end of the day, Kirk is still a Father. A Black Father at that and there is not one black father that would have done it any other way. You can call it verbal abuse all you want but my child will NEVER disrespect me at all! How dare anybody say Kirk is wrong and you don’t have a child of your own. You will never be in his shoes. As a parent I stand with Kirk and could care less if he did his apology on IG. Its not needed. His son needs help. “I dare you”, no matter how Christian you are or how much sin you do in front of your child, they are going to do what they want to do and it takes the parent to decide if they want to allow that behavior or not. That is a parent and a parent should never have to apologize the way they raise their kids regardless what comes out of their mouth.

  2. Remember we all are human beings and Kirk is a man and we have down falls. The fact that your want be adult son would record a conversation is childish. Like someone said it’s entrapment. The son is trying to be destructive for some reason.

  3. This is entrapment point blank period. Who has ever secretly recorded someone for positive reasons. I believe kirks sons went in with the intention of setting his dad off, and it worked.
    We only hear kirk out of character, but we don’t hear the son and how he got his dad to the point that we heard.
    Plus what was the reason for posting this, his son has some real demons that he needs to deal with.

  4. He should apologize to his son not only for threatening to kill him but calling him a n-word and a bitch ass. I hate to see black parents talking to children like that I don’t care what he did or said Kirk is trash for talking to him like that.

  5. This is not a scandal. I’ve heard worst. Nothing to see here, much less apologize for.

  6. I hope they work it out. Its always sad when a parent and child have a broken relationship.

  7. How come when us “sinners” commit a “sin” of this magnitude or greater it’s the christians who tell us we’re going to hell and demonize us.
    when a Christian’s “sin” becomes public they get away with it by using the “we’re still people” excuse ???

  8. The conversation sounds as if this is their normal, dysfunctional interaction with each other. It was unpleasant to listen to, because it had a deep guttural, street tone to it.

  9. Why would you apologize if you’ve done nothing wrong! Nobody is perfect, but some of these so called christians live in a glass house, they can be some of the worst people ever.

  10. Being verbally abused by your parents is so normalized in the black community that across the board, so many people agree with Kirks behavior towards his son. Being cursed out, called names, and threatened but your parents because they’re mad is not a normal part of early childhood development nor is it healthy at any age. I’m not sure what kind of toxic verbally abusive homes yall grew up in, but my parents have NEVER spoken to me in such a disgusting way no matter how mad they were; not as a child, teen or adult. None of us know the context of their convo or the nature of their relationship but I would assume his son is crying out for help. Hearing him call his son all those disgusting names with his wife literally laughing in the background was cringe, disgusting and sad. Whats even more sad is how black people literally think this is ok.

      1. I believe Mr. Franklin is apologizing because he is a Christian!
        As a Man of GOD it’s important to immediately confess our wrongs in order to continue our walk with GOD.
        Mr. Franklin understands that his actions could cause some of his followers to fall away from serving GOD and the guilt would be on him.
        Mr. Franklin is humbling himself not for man but for GOD.
        Now the issue with his son..sounds like many of our families his indiscretions just happen to be made public because he’s Kirk Franklin.

    1. ^so a couple of points.

      its true that black children are abused.
      it’s true this is the language that many of us faced in growing up within generational curses.
      this is a 32-year-old man having beef with his father within a context that we don’t know.
      kirk could be wrong; the son could be wrong.
      the son revealed an argument without any context.
      he highlighted kirk cursing him out and in kirk’s defense,
      he claims they have a rocky relationship and he is estranged from that family.

      the son hasn’t released a statement for us to decipher who is wrong.
      we can only go on the argument and kirk’s statement.
      no one said this was okay,
      but he doesn’t need to apologize to us like we were on the other end of the conversation.
      if this never was released,
      the audience wouldn’t know anything.

      it is fact many of us heard this language and it was part of our growing up.

      1. Caz didn’t say he needed to apologize to us so why do you keep repeating that? This goes back to my point the other day. Y’all need to log off twitter. I would have no idea this was going on if I hadn’t come to this site.

  11. He was one of the most pleasant and down-to-earth celebrities I ever met!

    Jamari I think this is dangerous. In the corporate world people gaslight you saying that they only had good experiences with a terrible person. Terry Crews did it to Gabrielle Union.

    My friends used to say my parents seemed so nice so how could anything they put me through be true. Toxic abusive parents are the best actors in public. He said he would snap his neck.

    His son knows him better than us and for him to talk that casually about violence to his son when people are losing family left and right should be disturbing. Not because he’s religious but because life especially black life is so precious considering the times we live in.

    1. ^meeting kirk was MY experience and how i felt when i met him.
      that is a true statement.
      he is one of the most down-to-earth and pleasant celebs that ive met next to beyonce.
      that is another true statement.

      i don’t live in kirk franklin’s household.
      he is not my dad or a relative.
      his drama with his child doesn’t negate the fact he isn’t a pleasant person to people he doesn’t know.

      there are folks who come on the foxhole and have been very disrespectful to me,
      but to other people in their circles,
      they are kind.
      their kind to their peers in their industries and families,
      but they’ll come on this website and be nasty for no reason at all.
      i don’t know why they are.
      i may have triggered them or whatever i said/did remind them of a past experience.

      the point i’m trying to make is his relationship with his son is one side to the whole pie of his being.
      i met the kind piece of the pie.
      his son knows a different side as with all humans.

      1. The son was wrong for recording it, but what if Kirk Franklin had him on live and thought he turned off his phone and had an argument? Embarrassing things happen and he apologized for his language, The son has likely been gaslighted because of who his father is and wanted proof. Both are wrong. As far as apologizing, he pretty much had to for the ones who thought he didn’t curse. It affects his “holy” image, Maybe if the church wasn’t so hypocritical, he wouldn’t have to apologize. I just think we shouldn’t dismiss Kirk’s wrongness. We’re only seeing 1 blow up. For his son to feel this strongly, this has been going on for YEARS and Kirk’s language WAS abusive.

        Based on growing up with a Christian family, “the family therapist” didn’t mean a thing. They expect the therapist to come, listen to why YOU are so bad and the parents are perfect and didn’t get the therapist for them because they’re already right with God.

      2. Ok and… you acting like Kevin Hart & Katy Perry during the Ellen situation. Your meeting with Kirk ain’t got shit to do with shit.

        1. ^normie,
          a week ago it was all good between us and suddenly you are coming at me crazy like i’ve offended you in some way.
          if we need to have a conversation, we can have one privately.

          as far as what i said about kirk,
          it has shit to do with everything.
          i met kirk and it was a pleasant experience and his issue with his son has NOTHING to do with me especially since he took accountability on his IG.

  12. That was really nothing Lol. My great aunt who passed away a year ago and may she rest in peace, used to go 51-50 on the family. Christian and all. She reminded me everytime I was a “black ass”, even when she was in a good mood Smh.

  13. I don’t think Kirk owes us an apology, but he should definitely be directing that energy toward his son. Both of them are responsible for the words they speak to each other. The fact that the conversation went this far, regardless of the context, leads me to believe that their relationship isn’t functional and they probably need to speak to a professional. BTW, I love Kirk. His music has gotten me through some tough times as well.

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