trey songz will spit on you if you’re on fire

so lemme get this straight…

trey songz has an alleged leak of some white(?) vixen suckin’ his big dick.
he refuses to show it,
so he has folks paying for people suckin’ his big dick over his underwear.
he has continued to tease all his fans,
and admirers through teasers that cost extra money alongside the 20 dollar subscription.

sounds like i’m updated?
we all know that trey songz is a freak.
i think the industry allowed him to unleash that side of him in his sexual escapades.
it seems he enjoys spitting in vixen’s mouths

i had to ask myself if i was comfortable with spit?
in the heat of the moment,
would i allow my manz to violent spit in my mouth?
im still stewing on the answer.

i think this would have been sexier if he was fuckin’ them tbh.
to me,
this looks gross.
during a panini,
he just hocks a louie in two extra thirsty vixen’s mouthes?
nothing about it made me hard.
i’m just gonna font my feelings:

Nothing about Trey’s Onlyfans is sexy

his IG is sexy because it was enveloped in mystery.
his onlyfans should have made him sexier,
but it comes off awkward.

it’s him TRYING to go there without going there.
he could have done soft-core sex scenes on there.

He could have filmed a series of shorts about his love and sex life,
based on true events.

do them kinda like how raunchy they were in “p valley“:

if he didn’t want to be fully naked,
there are many ways he could have turned on his audience without showing any pipe.

not only that,
he would be giving the audience what they want while doing something different.
he isn’t getting the right “brains”.
try again.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “trey songz will spit on you if you’re on fire”

  1. He hasnt been on Only fans that long really yes hes done a lot of teasing on there but he never said that he didn`t want to be fully Nude on there just give him a minute the fans are practically begging him to show a full Nude.

  2. This makes me thinks sex for Trey is about ego, dominance, and power; not intimacy. He isnโ€™t trying to get a closer connection with his partners, he is getting off on dominating them.

  3. ๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธ๐Ÿ—ฃ๏ธ I don’t give a fuck, ain’t nannn nigga spitting in my damn mouth.

  4. I am only letting my husband, if I ever get one, spit in my mouth. It can be a cute dominance play once in a while, I think I would just prefer to watch it in porn though. What I WONT do is allow him to spit on my face, I would be so upset.

  5. It was pathetic. Reeking of a lack of social intelligence. The bedroom is 1 thing (if ur into that foolishness) but the stage, whether arena or public eye, is not the place for that misogynistic bs. Those hoz and him can fight it out over who deserves the most blame.

  6. After seeing a few clip from his Onlyfans that was leaked and reviewing his music content, i’ve come to the conclusion that Trey exhibits some traits of misogyny. This dominance over women is not funny or sexy IMO.

  7. These women allow Trey to do this to them out in public. What one does in the bedroom is their business.

  8. “we all know that Trey Songz is a freak.” CAP. Nothing about his onlyfans says freak. It’s a scam, and I can’t blame him. If people are stupid enough to fall for it, get the bag.

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