why do we rush so fast to the cancel button without getting/giving context?

meet dante.
his name is not dante 4real,
but it will be for the purpose of this entry.

sidebar: i don’t know who ^that wolf is.
i don’t know their social media or anything.
random pic off the googler.

so dante is fine,
all your friends LOVE/LUST him,

You cannot stand him.

something he did or said rubbed you the wrong way.
his spirit might not have meshed with yours.
you’ve told your friends that you’re not a fan of his and they don’t agree.
some of them took it personally that you don’t like him.
i wouldn’t care if you didn’t like him,
but i’d be interested as to why.
this isn’t too much about dante tho because it’s more about you.

Do you deserve to be canceled because you don’t like Dante,
but others do?

that is my issue with cancel culture.
in some cases,
there are some folks we cannot get with.
if we genuinely don’t care for someone but others do,
why is that a problem in today’s society?

i don’t cancel folks so easily.
it takes context for me to hit the cancel button.

I’m not canceling anyone over my infatuation over a celebrity or an attentionisto they might not care for.

i truly don’t care.
this is why i love my community because,
with all of my ignorance on certain things/people,
someone(s) is there to help me see things differently.
some of us can be ignorant and need context on certain things,
and people.
we are all entitled to an opinion.
you and i may not like other’s opinions,
but that has shit to do with us.
we can’t make everyone agree with us because then folks won’t be genuine or authentic.
some people truly don’t like bey,
and even obama,
and that is perfectly fine.

A straight not liking you because you’re gay is perfectly fine.

sure it is hurtful,
but that sounds like a “them” problem tbh.
they’re missing out on a dope-ass friend and someone who will fight alongside them.
half of their “straight” friends don’t even come to their events or support,
but you’ll always make sure to show up with the pompoms.


They don’t know who you know and what blessings you will acquire in the future.

so who ends up being the loser in this scenario?
certainly not you said me.
even if none of that happens:

It’s perfectly fine that someone doesn’t like you because you are you.

does it really matter?

we might need to examine cancel culture tbh.
it’s starting to become out of control.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “why do we rush so fast to the cancel button without getting/giving context?”

  1. The only one on the cancel culture as a whole is Trump! He’s done things that are unforgivable. Truly divided the nation and they in turn become hateful…but to this point, cancel culture has gotten out on control and they’re out there to cancel our cartoons we grew up on.

    1. ^omg they’re canceling pepe le pew without providing a change in the narrative.
      they can easily DRAW a new storyline for him.

      it’s absolutely ridiculous.

      1. You people yelling “CANCEL CULTURE!” seem to never acknowledge the company that owns these characters are the ones removing them. I barely know who or what is getting so called “cancelled” unless I just happen to see it by chance. The real problem is y’all live on twitter. Me thinks y’all need to log off.

        1. ^ actually,
          if i may have a font in regards to pepe le pew,
          he was actually a news report as he was cut from space jam 2.
          the discussion is on twitter,
          but it is official news.
          twitter being the place where news is usually broken and discussed.
          this story has been circulating on various news outlets.
          here is one for example:


          “us people” just were informing each other,
          but thank you for comment normie.
          much appreciated and hope whatever we said that offended you doesn’t effect your views on us.

  2. It’d sure be nice if WE didn’t start parroting right-wing talking points about “cAnCeL CUlTuRe”. Not only does it not even really exist, it’s become a sort of shorthand phrase for reactionary responses to anything resembling change and/or accountability.

    Accountability isn’t cancelation.

    And when cancelation actually happens, those victims tend to be the ones with less privilege (i.e. women, poc), like The Chicks or Chrisette Michele. White and even Black cishets are the first ones to scream about cancelation when they’re called out, but they’re rarely ever actually canceled (we’re talkin’ Dave Chappelle or Kanye West or the dozen or so white male celebrities/politicians who skate by with a short vacation from the spotlight).

    As for the topic at hand, I think the word “cancelled” gets used (especially online) quite impulsively, without a real reckoning ever happening.

    And extend that “does it matter” rationale to some other forms of identity and answer that question. Would it matter if someone didn’t like you cause you’re Black, or blind, or physically disabled, or poor, or depressed, or suicidal, or a rape survivor? Yes, it would matter. That person is a pos… and calling them out on that and no longer fucking with them doesn’t mean they’re canceled, it means we’ve got norms and boundaries.

    1. Wow. Well said reviews your screen name — only thing I might add is there are real law givers and decision makers who’s opinions, actions, commentary have real impact on the lot of other folks.

      The “decision maker” responsible for 10,000 jobs at Global Co who accidentally tweets, “F@### them nig### they’re all a bunch of” — rightfully needs to be removed. Upon further review he’s never hired promoted any one of color, or a woman ever. Canceled.

      The law giver who holds the purse strings for 10,000 constituents, 8,000 of which are minorities, accidentally comments to a reporter that “He doesn’t give a f### about black people”. Upon further review spends no money in communities of color and all of the money in white suburbs. Canceled.

      Don’t get me started on the Epsteins, and Weinsteins of the world. They go without saying.

      I dont feel bad when these people lose their job or are booted from office, and often time still do well and go on to live prosperoius lives. To me, its the beginning of a long overdue reconciliation of rewarding bad people who do bad things.

  3. Cancel culture is one of the many reasons I deleted Twitter and no longer use the app. We’ve gotten to a place in society where we’re all group thinkers and the moment you disagree or have a separate opinion, you’re canceled? I miss the days where people were independent thinkers that could think for themselves. But those days are long gone.

  4. So Pepe Le Pew got canceled for doing what? He didn’t rape anybody. He never poisoned anybody. All he did was a slow hop and confessed his love: and he got canceled for that!

    Bluto literally kidnapped and tried to rape Olive Oil. Now I can see changing a character approach but to completely get rid of him, over some new rules because they in their feelings is bullshit. Find one incident in real life where somebody did a Pepe Le Pew? The only reason they are running is because he is a skunk. The smell makes them run! Not him. He is a French lover, not a fighter.

    Everybody else, chile, some of these people are not worth hitting the cancel button. Its best you hit the power button on them. I’m not about to see what u doing, what u saying, nor mention u. Your name no longer exists. Cancel means you can go back and subscribe. Turning it off means, oh well, next. Nothing but Mariah meme’s “I don’t know her”.

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