film flams and onlyscams from the bold and the beautiful

i thought we were past the scamming on “onlyscams” but i guess not.
i haven’t heard of any scams in a hot minute.
who knew i’d be reporting about it on the first week of 2021.
muscle wolf,
caleb whitehorn,
decided he would open up an onlyfans to make extra money.
a foxholer sent me what he had to font on his ig stories after he ended the onlyfans…

someone’s reaction reading his stories who subbed to his onlyfans:

ya’ll done gave this mofo a down payment on a house.
at least he could have said it was never before seen photos or something.
anything than sounded like he pulled a good scam on his subbers.
this is why i keep saying onlyfans needs some kind of preview option.
something to help folks know what they’re paying for.

onto another “onlyscams”,
a foxholer sent me a message about attentionisto,

the foxholer was promised private videos and well:

and then after it was all said and done,
they ended up getting blocked:

even tho he is wrong af,
the foxholer should have cut shit short after the first deposit.
if i didn’t get my video,
i’d call my bank and cancel tf out that payment.
he done scammed to pay for the other part of his shirt.

this is why these folks ended up getting blasted on various websites.
they need to be tbh.
if you can’t provide a service to your audience…

Don’t make the damn Onlyfans

it’s okay tho.
they gonna fuck up their reputations off this onlyfans shit.

Will they even care?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “film flams and onlyscams from the bold and the beautiful”

  1. They keep fucking with people until it gets violent. Smh social media has caused alot of influencers to lose everything and get caught up. He better be careful

  2. I remember that last guy. He used to be on Tumblr a lot. Some time ago he had some not too nice things to say about gay men. Not even surprised he pulled a stunt.

  3. I guess things will not change with Onlyfans until there is a Class Action Lawsuit to require content creators to explicitly inform patrons of what they are paying for. I guess there is so much money to be made that neither side is looking at the long term implications of their business model that is doom to fail if no changes are made. Customers are eventually going to get tired of all the illegal scams the content creators pull everyday trying these get rich quick schemes by starting these pages and not offering any content to gullible followers. As far as Caleb I lost all Respect for him after this stunt, he claimed he had a massive heart attack that almost ended his life but who knows he could have been lying just to gain sympathy. I follow him on IG and would not peg him for being a scammer but this economy has given a green light for the attentionistas body boys to scam the hell out of the Gays lust for flesh and as long as Onlyfans let this go on it will continue.

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but that was stupid to make comments like that for people to screenshot and use against you if they want to come after you.

    One thing IG is showing me during this pandemic is that these “influencers” don’t have shyt to offer if people are not oohing and aahing over their bodies. These self proclaimed “trainers” have been exposed for the frauds they are, and now everyone is jumping over to OF & J4F, thinking they can get over. Some do for a short time, but like another person posted, they are only ruining their reputation. When I hear of people I follow doing shyt like this, I unfollow them. Plenty of others to look at.

    And gay men REALLY need to stop falling for this BS these people spin to them. They need to understand that they hold the power. Without their dollars MANY of these mofos would not have a lifestyle, so if they don’t give them their coins…I bet you these mofos would act right then!

  5. AAAAANNND This is why I don’t have any remorse when these arrogant conniving attentionistos get their content leaked and shared on sites like lpsg. Onlyfans should set a policy on fair business practice because the amount of scams I see on OF it’s outta hand now.

  6. Can you sue or report someone in some fashion if they were intentionally deceptive?

    That’s why you have to be careful about begging these models to make a page. Some people just refuse to do nudity/sex work and they are clearly just doing something just to pacify people.

    And I’ll never understand why people don’t wait until the person has some content under his belt to subscribe. Even with all the discernment in the world, don’t get me started with the pay-walling.

  7. I’m sorry…..but I’ll be Damn if subscribe to anyone’s OnlyFan!!! Hell to the no!!! I’ll see it when someone puts it on Twitter 🙂👍😅

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