Fantasia Takes More Than A Tumble

Fantasia has been doing well!
She has been:


…oh wait,
wrong r&B chick…

Fantasia Barrino broke down on stage during an emotional set at her birthday concert in Trinidad…

Witnesses claim Fantasia burst into tears while singing her hit song ‘Even Angels’ and told the crowd,
“This year, we lost Whitney Houston…They just wouldn’t leave her alone. They did not understand that she was only human. We lose family, friends, all for the love of money. The only person who will never leave you is Jesus.”


This is NOT the Fantasia I fell in love with.
Who is this imposter?

HEAVVVVVYYYYYY time away from the industry.
She needs to get her life together.

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23 thoughts on “Fantasia Takes More Than A Tumble”

  1. All I can do for Fantasia is pray for her.

    I must admit I was one of those people who were SO judgemental when I found out about the Antwuan situation but after some self reflection, I realize that we don’t know WHAT really is going on in her PERSONAL life except what the media (devil) feeds us. People can be so self righteous and gullible without even knowing what’s really going on in these people’s lives.

    They read these blogs and will believe any damn thing.

    I have met Ms Fantasia (and the baby) several times and she was nothing but sweet and SO down to earth. I love people like that.

    For all we know, Antwuan and his wife probably setting her up and trying to drain her dry (as her family).

    Regardless .Fantasia (and celebrities) are HUMAN and they make mistakes just like we do except they are FAMOUS.

    People need to remember that and realize that they are no different then you and me but I guess it’s the natural of the beast.

    I really hope she gets it together. I don’t like seeing her like that.

    1. I feel that she’s nice and down to earth, but she’s just misunderstood.

    2. ^ima play devil’s advocate real quick…

      You do the same judgement with Rihanna.
      I’ve seen you go in on her when I have posted stuff about her and Chris.
      If it was Rihanna and she managed to lure Jay away from Beyonce,
      And was up on stage looking like Fantasia,
      Rihanna wouldn’t have heard the end of it.

      Fantasia is a better singer,
      But, take Fanny out and put Rihanna in,
      would your comment be different?

      What I’m trying to say is that we all judge without facts.
      We go on what we read and what we hear.
      I haven’t met Fantasia like everyone else,
      But from her show and what I’ve read,
      I came up with 4 because I put 2 + 2 together.
      That is life and that is what happens when we get gossip.

      The only difference is when we like the person,
      we are quick to defend their actions.

      1. ^and one last thing for my readers…

        I see a lot of “I’ve met her and she is nice”.
        I’ve learned through my young life,
        Especially with stars,
        that you can be nice and still do some fucked up shit in the next breath.
        Im also nice when I meet people…
        …but I’m not exempt with sleeping with someone’s Wolf and breaking up their home.

        I’m not taking away from Fanny because she seems nice.
        She appears to be a pleasant person.
        But, she also has many other factors to her character.

        ….AND she is a church girl too.
        I’ve been around the biggest liars and thieves who go to church every Sunday and will pull out a Bible to preach you the word.

      2. Great sermon.

        Now scroll up….

        I said that I was one of those people who threw stones at Fantasia.

        YES I went in on Rihanna HARD and I am man enough to admit that but I am not perfect and neither are the two of them.


        These girls are under a lot of pressure that we know nothing about hence why it’s not wise to judge someone without knowing the facts (and walking in their shoes.)

        I am not defending Fantasia’s actions because I am not on her payroll to do all of that.

        Like I said, ALL I can do is pray for her.

        You good though….

  2. Fantasia like many talented people has low self esteem. Its pretty evident.

    Any successful woman who would get played by a Sprint store salesman ain’t playing with a full deck.

    She should have fucked that and quit it. But nooooo she had to break up a family
    AND get pregnant by his trifling ass

    She needs to take a career break and get counseling and learn to live herself. But that shit ain’t happening cuz she is caught in the celebrity trap.

    She has to pay the mortgage support her needy family and now she got another baby. And she is under constant pressure to make new hits. The strain is apparent – notice how bloated and unhealthy she looks

    I love Fantasia. But we know how this will end. We have seen it before. Google Dinah Washington, Janis Joplin and Florence Ballard to get a hint.

  3. I have come to really love Fantasia. I along with many others thought she was a Country Fried Mess when she first hit the scene and I pretty much dismissed her, but through the years listening to her music and sort of following her, I have a genuine love for her. She seems like she is just a honest and good person. I cant blame her for falling for a no good man. So many girls do everyday and the only difference is, she is famous. I think she may have been thrown into the spotlight without realizing all that goes along with it. I think what makes me respect her is she gives herself in a raw way and doesnt care what others think once she opens her mouth to sing. Its like she goes to another place and takes you with her, much like the Queen of Soul herself Aretha. I think for some its too much, they cant handle the emotional depth that she takes you too. I wish her well and hopes she gets it together and wake up to some of these leeches around her before its too late.

  4. She always gets emotional when she sings that song, and being around her for a few months. in all of her sets she has a worship time where she thanks the lord…She really has been through alot more than what the media is telling you all… over all She is just a church girl trying to find her way back, she is a very cool person tho.

    1. ^well you know what keyon?
      maybe i am being hard on her.
      but, i’m going on what i have read about her thus far.
      was that married man drama her fault?
      or was it PR gone wrong?

      1. Long story short, I hate to get spiritual, but the devil is after her hard. I honestly cant say much… but trust its really deep…

  5. You got to remember, Fantasia was having problems before she ever became famous. Becoming famous and being celebrity only made it worse.

    Her family are vultures who expect her to support them.
    She’s insecure, so she settles for less than she deserves in the men she dates.
    She dealt with a man who basically filled her head with promises and left her.
    She’s raising her kids on her own while trying to maintain a career.

    For someone who was basically thrown into the industry, that’s a lot to deal with at once.

    1. ^that show did not help put a positive spin on the people around her.
      i feel like fantasia has a lot of yes and “gimmie” people in her life.
      she needs to do some mental cleansing.

      although, i do feel anything that dealt with that man was entirely her fault.
      fantasia was reported of being a real bitch to that chick he was still married too.

      1. i like fantasia and i have bought all her records,
        but if this was someone else (jlo or kim),
        everyone would have roasted her.
        she tried to train a dog and it ended up biting her in the ass.
        something tells me inside that man and his wife were in on trying to play her.

    2. In addition to all that, let’s not forget she was illiterate w/o a HS diploma when she 1st won Idol & got thrust into the industry, so I can see how she could be suckered into bad deals/people while also trying to prove herself

      I actually like her – and the way she got raked over the coals for Cook while Alicia Keys was basically forgiven for the same thing w/Swizz grated on me

      1. Would she have been better off w/o winning American Idol though? I doubt it.
        We all know how she would be feeding herself and her children so I don’t even have to say it.

        Alicia did take a hit, but she just let people speculate and she didn’t have a show on vh1.

      2. Alicia is light-skinned, pretty, articulate, and she talks about empowering women…yet she kinda stole another woman’s man. Media-wise, she’s the anti-thesis of Fantasia, and one of their darlings…I’m 99 44/100% certain that had something to do with it

  6. I don’t think what she said was wrong. But I agree. She needs to take some time off and really sort out her issues with the use of a psychologist and seeking her Lord and savior.

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