You ever been at a party.
Preferably a house party, so fix your imagination there.
A Vixen friend of yours invited you.
Chillin’ and relaxing.
Drinking and talking.
All of a sudden, some random walking in and causes you to mentally ask:

I probably did that EXACT same expression if I was with another Fox.

But for my Wolves and Hybrids,
this just strolled into the party YOU were attending…

…and “not funny” enough,
HE would be straight will all that cakeage going on.

(lowkey: he has the back shape of a head of a Wolf I know)

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (79)”

  1. Dressed like that? He wants some attention – Imma have to strike up a convo…and see if I can cop a feel on the sly lol

  2. I leave the room at house parties when anything remotely homo goes down. Lol

    When the straight dudes start stripping down to their boxers and giving girls lap dances and twerking I’m usually passed out drunk in the other room.

    I remember these two strange dudes that I later found out were gay came to a house party and literally started twerking to bounce music.

    They literally cleared 50 dudes out of the house. While we were all outside smoking and drinking I wondered if we were all out there because we genuinely were not interested in what was going on inside or if we were afraid women would think we were if we stayed. Lol

      1. I kid you not, they cleared the house of everyone with a penis. Dudes were not going to have any suspicion cast on them. Lol the person who threw the party and knew them was officially outed! Lmao

  3. That ass is right. I would definitely need to see what he was about. I would pour my beverage right down that crack.

      1. That wouldn’t stop me from trying to get a signal. lol

        I would do the pouring if I was getting the ass.

  4. Well I would have a few questions. First, is it a case of dreamboat body and shipwrecked face? Second, why do dudes, both gay and non gay, do the “sagging booty push up” to make their ass look plumper? I like low key and he just seems to be advertising, too many unknowns for me but nonetheless, nice to gaze at, especially from the back.

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