f0xmail: Vixens Are Winning and They Get All The Good Dicks!

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Dear Jamari,
    I’m sick of the vixens winning, there I said it. Disclaimer I love women and very pro women this email is NOT ANTI WOMEN. For the last couple weeks, I have a lot on my mind to say about the wolves. First, there has been 5 wolves that you have posted on your blog over the years. From their instagram pages, one just got married, three are in new relationships with vixens, and the other who has been single forever is hinting that he is in love with someone. Now now just listen Jamari that might sound very immature and petty for me to write that, but I’ll tie it up later. A week in half ago I was at the grocery store and I seen a sexy wolf who was eye fucking me in the store, when I was walking out the store he was in his car and he drove by me as I was walking to my car he was eye fucking me the whole entire time when he was driving. Well today I seen the same wolf from the grocery store at the gym today, we exchanged a few glances with one another, but there was a vixen who was at the gym who he stopped and starting flirting with and they exchanged numbers. Also, my work wolf situation is getting more complicated, now I wrote about him a few weeks ago, but some things have changed since then. I kind of cut him off a little bit, because he does have a vixen now, but he has been extra touchy feeling with me in the last week. Like, really touching me, adjusting himself in front of me and staring me down, since he does have big muscles he loves to flex and do shit like grab his arms in front of me, but then gets on his phone with his girl and flirts with her in front of my face. I write all this to say I am very tired of the gay life and I hate writing that. I wish I could be straight or bi because it seems my life would be so much easier. The article you posted last week about being gay hit home for me, that it really got me thinking. I’m not trying to feel sorry for myself, just keeping it real. The gay life makes me think I am going crazy, I am also very sexually frustrated. I do love men, I love masculine men, I love men with muscles, that’s me and I’m not going to apologize for that. I’m just tired of being single and discrete with my sexuality. I do understand straight vixens, have their issues, but they can openly date these wolves, marry them, have their babies, and us gay men cannot compete with them so yeah that’s what I mean when I write the vixens are winning in MY eyes. You are more than welcome to share this with the foxhole. Much love and blessing to you Jamari.


thank you reader.
blessings and love to you as well.

i’m starting to realize life is all in the way you see things.
if you change your focus,
you will see that what you thought isn’t really what it is.
all you gotta do is look hard enough and you’ll see.

i use to think vixens won.
i was jealous of many vixens in my life.
when you have a lack in your life,
and look at everyone around you,
it’s easy to get caught up in a negative thought process.
now don’t get me wrong,
there are a ton of vixens out here dating some of the finest wolves.
here is one:

they have the luxury of being approached in public,
going on dates,
being paraded around friends and fam,
and having cubs.
it seems easier…

…but is it really?

i’ll be honest with you reader.
vixens have it much worse.
they are being used as “public interest” blow up dolls.
vixens are out here exposing a whole ass or tits for a shot at love

… just like we do for a shot at some dick:

how does one get the camera aimed so perfectly?
in all honesty,
they have it worse than we do.

he will get at her in public (if he isn’t scared af).
he will take her on a date (and that is an “if”).
he will parade her around his fam and wolf pack (that is a huge “if”).
she can bare his cubs (and might be stuck with an aint shit jackal for 18 years).

vixens are constantly being disrespected by wolves nowadays.
she could be a christian or attentionista on the gram.
most of them get lumped in the same category.


if they vixen is black,
then forget it.
it’s being overlooked by someone who looks racially ambiguous.
those are the wolves who want the “light skin; light eyed” cubs.
even that vixen isn’t guaranteed the happy ending.

the wolves you mentioned in your foxmail aren’t prizes either.
they might be dl wolves using these vixens as props.
their “scaredy cat” asses are comfortable with eye fuckin’ you,
but stuck in the routine of stagnation with them.
they in the gym trying to look like warriors,
but they can’t find their balls to get at you.
no wonder why most of them are single.
half of them have the NERVE to act entitled.
the wolf for you wouldn’t be acting like a bitch.
he goes after what he wants.
those types would probably contract hiv and wouldn’t tell you.
i’d say you’re winning.

dating sucks in all aspects.
the straights have issues.
the lesbians have issues.
the foxhole has issues.
the only ones who might be winning are straight wolves.


snow wolves will always lead the pack.
the only reason straight males appear to be winning is because of choice.
vixens will always be under straight males.
gays are underneath murderers,
child molesters,
and hell.
as males,
they use the “hunters” excuse to fuck 50-11 holes at once.
i meannnnnnnnnnn…..
it all looks the same from the back,

no matter who its cumming from.
just because something appears to be one way,
like the flirting or the “the happy social media relationship”,
doesn’t mean it’s really so.
relationships take work.
it’s not an ig filter or flirting in a parking lot.
most of these wolves are lazy af,
cheat when they’re bored after a week,
and try to emulate the life of a “billboard 200” rapping hyena.
most of that shit is not real.
the ironic part?

Most vixens think WE are lucky because the “fine ones” tend to be gay

their ratchet gay jackals show them their “dl trade” and que the instant depression.
someone is comparing their lives to us as well.
i can’t stop you from wanting to be straight or bi,

but if you take a good look at the vixen life,
you’ll see it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.
so like us,

they do get all the good dick(heads)…
…and it’s a consistent search to find a good one.

i hope this helps and continue striving to be the best.
if you keep looking at everyone else,
you’ll miss what’s right in front of you.

jamari fox

lowkey: i get a lot of foxmails so if i don’t answer,
don’t throw a tomato at me!

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18 thoughts on “f0xmail: Vixens Are Winning and They Get All The Good Dicks!

  1. “Continue striving to be the best you.
    if you keep looking at everyone else,
    you’ll miss what’s right in front of you.” Great point Jamari. Good things come to those who wait. It may take some time, but continue on being the best you along the way.

    1. ^right jay!

      continue building,
      continue glo’n up,
      continue learning,
      and continue being the you that whoever you choose will want to be around you.

  2. Dudes ain’t shit in general lol. Most just want to fuck & then they find someone else once they get bored. Only difference is women hold the burden of carrying babies for these ain’t shit men. Y’all can save me from that drama! Because once you fuck up I don’t want to ever hear from you again, and a child is the biggest reflection of it’s parent so I’m good. The worst part is that if a woman decides to go even on dude and cheat on him then she is automatically villianized. Blatant double standards.

    1. ^i know so many vixens who had cubs with the fine “ain’t shit” wolf.

      they all regret it,
      fighting for child support,
      and all this other madness.
      im so gooooooooooooooood!!!!!

  3. The grass is always greener on the other side. Broke ppl always think if they had money it would solve all of their problems, meanwhile ppl with money realized that it only solved those problems and brought twice as many different problems with it. Women have a host of problems with men of their own, we know this because it’s like 50% of what the media makes its billions off of. Just trying to have a relationship where two ppl who are different genders are trying to relate to each other is both thrilling and difficult. They have to worry about if a guy think progressively or is he more conservative when it comes to a woman’s role, if she gives it up will she be considered a ho or a trophy that he shows all of her pics to his homeboys, if she doesn’t is she a tease and a prude, etc. Just think about the money that women drop on hair, nails, make-up, etc. just to look good to POSSIBLY get a man that might treat her like trash. Don’t forget that many of these women who are beautiful on the inside ain’t getting no man out here. Not to mention the women who thought they were winning with a dude on the dl like the one then foxmailer described. She could be in a “good” relationship for years and never know he’s cheating on her every time he hangs with the homies. What about when he decides to come out and might leave her for a guy like him?

    On the other side gay foxholers have to worry about discretion, face possible backlash if they misjudge a guy’s sexuality, and may even have to settle for helping a dl dude cheat on his girl just to have someone. Both are consequences for choosing to date like J said. You see one thing on their side as winning and they see something on your side as winning. Let’s just throw it all in and say it all sucks. B/c you might bring a reality check on the winning side of str8 dating, they can bring a reality check on the winning side of gay dating.

  4. The sexiest women still get cheated on, beat, taken for granted, taken advantage of over money. Dick, booty, muscles and face have us out here acting like fools just to be nutted in or on. Even being married doesn’t lock down that body to just you. Everybody wants a stud to flaunt around friends and family, to showcase at the club and social media. Most of the time these hot bodies have nothing going on upstairs or outside of the gym. Women and men start doing things outside their religion and upbringing just to satisfy someone who probably knows there looks can be used as their meal ticket and no one person is gonna be able to supply enough of anything to keep those eyes solely on you. You can be both beautiful, and rich and still be hurt by someone who got a side chick you just found out about. You can do everything a good spouse is suppose to do for their mate and still be treated like dirt by someone who just said they loved you an hour ago.

  5. There’s a big part of me that relates to this foxmail so much because there are times when I look at other vixens and vixens who are my friends and see attention they get without having to try. I see vixens ( and I mean no harm with saying this) that are no where near bad getting hit up by fine all wolves all the time. I have to remember that I live in a straight world where that’s considered the norm. Vixens have a heap of a lot of stuff to deal with not just from straight wolves but from gay ones to other vixens and society as a whole. I think vixens and foxes have a similar struggle but foxes have privileges awarded to them for just being born male that vixens don’t have.

    My lack of self confidence, depression, and shyness are the big reasons I’m single and I usually have no problem pointing those out but I know that there is another reason ( which I’m embarrassed to bring up) is my shallowness. My dream wolf has always fallen in the Wade from Noah’s Arc or Devin Thomas category, but I’m starting to understand that it might just be fanstasy. I attracted these types that are confused or bi curious and waste my time trying to figure them out for it to leave me with egg on my face I need to stop trying to read between the lines and just.

    Like the foxholder in the letter guys eye fuck me in public I eye fuck back nothing happens and I get upset thinking it was a missed opportunity, instead of me taking a little responsibility and realizing that I could have taken the bull by the horn and spoke to the wolf myself. I don’t put myself out there and I expect things to happen organically in the ways they would for a vixen and its not going to. maybe I need to start going to gay clubs or gay events (even tho it would be out my comfort zone) be more proactive about it and not give my energy to a maybe, could’ve, should’ve.

    1. ^we share a similar journey mikey.
      i hope more foxholers can leave comments that will provide answers.

      why does it seem like almost every gay online has been approached by some fine ass wolf in public?
      i been told by vixens males are always breaking their necks to look at my in public,
      but they don’t do shit and it leaves me wondering wtf i do wrong.

  6. As a gay black man, I feel that dating has taken a toll on me because it’s hard to find a decent gay man and I thought maybe dating a bisexual man would up my chances because he knows how to love someone that is either another man or another woman, but I see that they have problems too. If I dated a woman and had these homosexual feelings, I would be one fucked up black man. I would probably cheat because of my sexual libido being crazy. The same if I had just been a straight wolf fucking every vixen I see. I hate the whole polygamy concept in the black community, but hold up, don’t white people do it more? True yes, but I see it more heavily in the black community than I do in the white community. You have one man fucking the whole town from females to some males or just all females and have babies by them because they got that good golden dick. It drives me insane to see that type of thing going on and it has continued up to today. I guess it’s the status quo of it all, but I don’t know. I’ll just stay single and happy and very healthy and that’s about it. I’ll sleep soundly and if a guy wants to be with me, then be ready to have fun because that’s what I’m about.

  7. But this thing about someone winning over another group can be brought into a wider perspective. What about life? You can look at someone’s life and it can (and should) inspire you to to more and be more if you don’t deem yourself to be on the person’s level. You can look at someone else’s life and you think you’re a fuck up or you’re doing something wrong but remember, you shouldn’t jealous anybody for what they may have because you don’t know what the person had to do to gain it. Beware: being ungrateful for what you have in life and seeking out what someone else has can have a VERY humbling effect on you when you finally get what you’re looking for. I can attest to that firsthand. Relationship wise, I think that there is someone for everyone, but there are a LOT of factors beyond our control stopping the bringing of soulmates together. I used to look at couples, espicially gay couples in New York and I would be so jealous and sad for my single situation. I smile now. I praise the Most High when I see two people that are in love and I silently and genuinely wish them the best. You have to believe that your time will come to be with your other half. If it doesn’t, be happy that you are blessed enough to have witnessed someone else’s happiness.

  8. If you content and won’t settle clap you hands baby!!!! Yasss I always get the blues just like the writer but I always shake em just like Jamari. I see what my friends deal with from men and instantly I’m like “I’m good”. Loving yourself is the key to it all.

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