Marvin Bienaime Prepares A Dish Called “Wentworth Dibiase”

issa snack worthy?
so marvin bienaime has some trouble ahead.
he needs to find a wolf to replace donny savage as the face of his brand.
i heard through the foxhole that they unfollowed each other.
that is serious.
he is starting off his search well with justus pickett.
wentworth dibiase,
a haitian model wolf,
is also on the “to do” list.
do you think he would be a good…
within the marvin bienaime agency?…

i’d sayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

he has a favorite bawdy part as well.
can you guess what it is?…

well what a coinky dink!
it’s one of my favorites too!

i hope to see more of wentworth in the future.
he makes me hungry.

lowkey: this is how wentworth use to look…
not bad.

*photos/videos credited: marvin bienaime | wentworth dibiase

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime Prepares A Dish Called “Wentworth Dibiase””

      1. Sure hope so. It’d be a Shame if a man looks like that and can’t fill up some holes or some gaps in my life

  1. Marvin is always employing these wolves like it’s nothing. I need to work for a modeling agency and start taking pictures and all that.

    1. I think so. I feel like Marvin’s models are at this point expendable. I mean Royal G. is no longer part of the “stable” and now we got this hot Haitian wolf and the southern gentleman from North Carolina.

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