Beat That Gay Demon Out Of Me Father!

what if your parents sat you down and said:

your father and i have both agreed you need help.
we are sending you away for a while.
your lifestyle is not one with the Lord.
a camp to help you cast that demon out will help.”

your parents bought the ticket and you’re headed to a gay conversion camp.
well guess what?
it’s probably happening to someone in a far away (or close) forest as we font…

so i watched a special on 20/20 about gay conversion camps last friday.
it was pretty eye opening.
they literally tried to isolate or beat the gay out of these cubs.
the most horrific one was shut down and the head “pastor” is serving years for child abuse.
( x his myspace page )
some tried to run away or were shipped off to other camps.
it was a mess.
this is a clip of the horrifying episode:

i didn’t even know shit like this existed!
it really bothers me parents go to these extremes.
they don’t care of their kin is getting abused,
just get that nasty demon out of them!
so i had to ask the foxhole…

How would you react if your parents tried to send you to a gay conversion camp?

18 thoughts on “Beat That Gay Demon Out Of Me Father!

  1. I know the segment probably didn’t address it but I bet those ministers running that outfit are DL as hell. People always strike out at something they hate in themselves. Did you see how he acted when he was confronted outside of McDonalds. He bitched out worse then any “queen” I’ve ever seen.

    1. Well, William Knot is in jail now and I bet he’ll turn into the biggest prison queen ever! He’ll probably be like Foxy at da doe

  2. I cannot for the life of me understand why so many Christians are obsessed with homosexuality. In fact, I find it ironic that black evangelicals/Christians are very much against and obsessed with homosexuality that to me raises a red flag. I feel like this is feel deep rooted hatred that started way back when our African ancestors who were slaves in the Carribbean and the South that were raped by white homosexual slave masters. I don’t know but this is something that I find wrong and disturbing. This camp thing is like a new concentration camps for gays.

    1. To be fair, it is not just the black Christians and evangelicals. the most homophobic things that I have ever seen have been from white Christians. It is just the religion to be honest.

  3. If my parents would have done that too. I wouldn’t have nothing too do with ever.
    they could need a lung. I would let them die before I give them a lung to live.

  4. Hhhmmm…I probably wouldn’t have been as strongly oppositional at that she as I am now…I suredly wouldn’t know or understand myself or the sometimes sinister machinations of life as portrayed in this clip….therfore it’s difficult to say how I would’ve reacted then, esp considering my Pentecostal upbringing…

    One takeaway I picked up from that was the ugly intersection of politics, religious freedom/immunity, and and new n revamped southern strategy against the LGBT community…Religious institutions in this country are given wide latitude to do pretty much what they want in the confines of their compounds – although the tides are unfortunately turning on the Islamic faith, but I digress. That lyin ass senator he couldn’t care less bout them boys (note one of the telltale signs of deception when he stutters out that his investigators spent “si-si-significant time…”) and why would he want to fuck up his chances of ascending the political ladder by meddling in church affairs and den good folk jus trying get the devil out dem boys…no sir, that’s kryptonite….sad state of affairs we’re still in. …in 2017!!!! *sigh*

  5. My mom is super catholic, and when i say super catholic, you have to ask to someone from an african country how we are (because in that case we’re pretty much the same) when we are really into religion.

    She once told me she would rather see me dead than gay. And mind you it was after one of my brother died, so she already knew what it feels like to lose a son. I was like 14 or 15 and this is even not the meanest thing she said to me. But at least it was only words. We don’t have those camps in my country. And since being gay is illegal and giving her position she wouldn’t risk people to know i was gay so we kept it home.

    Now she’s not cool with that but it’s better. I played it smart lol. She loves 2 things religion and degrees. So since i had already failed her in the religion part, being an abomination, i focused on school. It’s honestly the main reason i was and i’m still trying to be excellent at school. Getting as much degrees as i can. Because no matter what no matter how old i get, i still want to please her, i still want her to be proud.

    I guess she saw i didn’t turn that bad so me being gay matter less now… be still matter a lot.

    If we had those camps she probably would have tried to send me in one a them and i would have tried to run away, but now that i think about it, run where? it would have been even worse with my uncles and aunts or family friends.

    I know my mom loves me, i think in her mind she was helping me, so i’m not resentful, i’m not mad at her, she did what she thought was good for me. I mean she did help me, because now no matter what people say to me i’m like “you can’t tell me anything my own mother already said to me so i don’t care”. i grew thick skin because of her, and i know what rejection really is so i always try to understand or at least just accept people, no matter how different they can be (as long as they don’t hurt me).

    so thank you mother.

    1. Wow! I’m glad things are marginally better and manageable for you now Louis Philippe.

  6. One of these camps cost $21,000. So some parents are willing to pay all that money to “change” their child.SMH I believe they said most of the camps are in the Bible Belt.

    1. these camps know that people are desperate and that helps them line their pockets. it’s really sad

  7. I am so glad my mom nor dad never thought about this because hell I’d not be here. It’s just weird to me that they are so willing to cause harm to a person mentally and physically just to cast out gayness.

    Like you really are that against somebody being gay that you are ready to kill, harm or even rape(corrective rape is something I’ve also heard of) and not realize that that doesn’t actually do anything positively for the person.

      1. Makes no sense to me like there is not a way to pray, scare, hurt, wish the gay away. No matter how much people want to believe it can happen. I just watched greenleaf recently and that moment was so much I’m glad she didn’t tell him to go for it.

  8. For those who spent years and countless praying the gay away, CHURCH is the #1 FAILED conversion therapy. Just sayin;. Now, as for this criminal act – if my mama even insinuated doing that she would have had to catch me first, on everything. Fortunately, I don’t suffer the misfortune to come from a family who thinks this is necessary.

    1. ^we need to count our blessings!

      mine were annoying with trying to be this “perfect christian”.
      others are out here suffering and it’s terrible.

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