f0xmail: Vixens Are Winning and They Get All The Good Dicks!

/the following entry is parental advisory and nsfw.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.


Dear Jamari,
    I’m sick of the vixens winning, there I said it. Disclaimer I love women and very pro women this email is NOT ANTI WOMEN. For the last couple weeks, I have a lot on my mind to say about the wolves. First, there has been 5 wolves that you have posted on your blog over the years. From their instagram pages, one just got married, three are in new relationships with vixens, and the other who has been single forever is hinting that he is in love with someone. Now now just listen Jamari that might sound very immature and petty for me to write that, but I’ll tie it up later. A week in half ago I was at the grocery store and I seen a sexy wolf who was eye fucking me in the store, when I was walking out the store he was in his car and he drove by me as I was walking to my car he was eye fucking me the whole entire time when he was driving. Well today I seen the same wolf from the grocery store at the gym today, we exchanged a few glances with one another, but there was a vixen who was at the gym who he stopped and starting flirting with and they exchanged numbers. Also, my work wolf situation is getting more complicated, now I wrote about him a few weeks ago, but some things have changed since then. I kind of cut him off a little bit, because he does have a vixen now, but he has been extra touchy feeling with me in the last week. Like, really touching me, adjusting himself in front of me and staring me down, since he does have big muscles he loves to flex and do shit like grab his arms in front of me, but then gets on his phone with his girl and flirts with her in front of my face. I write all this to say I am very tired of the gay life and I hate writing that. I wish I could be straight or bi because it seems my life would be so much easier. The article you posted last week about being gay hit home for me, that it really got me thinking. I’m not trying to feel sorry for myself, just keeping it real. The gay life makes me think I am going crazy, I am also very sexually frustrated. I do love men, I love masculine men, I love men with muscles, that’s me and I’m not going to apologize for that. I’m just tired of being single and discrete with my sexuality. I do understand straight vixens, have their issues, but they can openly date these wolves, marry them, have their babies, and us gay men cannot compete with them so yeah that’s what I mean when I write the vixens are winning in MY eyes. You are more than welcome to share this with the foxhole. Much love and blessing to you Jamari.

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