f0xmail: How Do I Approach My Classmate Who I Thinks Get Down?


Ok so there is this guy that goes to my school, and he is very handsome, and we are cool, we speak to each other all the time when we speak or smile, but he is talks to alot of girls, I think he might be BI or Gay..He has a son though and again he is flirtatious with girl, but i’m trying to figure out if he is gay, how do I approach him and ask him, I dont want to come off as thirsty or anything what do you think? how should I go about this should I be flirtatious to him or should I leave it alone, please help!


well hello young fox.
let me tell you a story…

there was a wolf i use to know.
we went to the same school.
fine as hell.
vixens wanted him.
he use to stop traffic.
(i have amazing taste when it comes to wolves so take my word for it.)
he talked to a lot of females.
never could be in a solid relationship.
but i never really was feeling him… before.
he was always getting walked over,
but he was popular.

until one day,
we had to buddy up on a project together and really got to know each other alone.
one day, he looked in my eyes and started smiling at me.
it was a different kind of smile and stare i was use too.
i felt something in my spirit.
from then on,
he would always find a way to “flirt” with me.
he would also find ways to touch me.
i went from “oh him” to “damn when will i see him again?“.

i use to dream about that mofo choppin’ me down too.
i thought, in my heart, that he got down.
but… i had no proof.
we went our separate ways.
i’m still wondering.
he has moved on.

sounds like you are in the same dilemma.
you can’t approach anyone on a “feeling“.
you have to be certain because if you do and you are wrong,
it could lead to a bad situation.
always make sure your reputation is in tact after any move you do.

so do what i do.
i am friends wit everyone.
if something pops off,
it does.
if it doesn’t,
life goes on.

you don’t have time to go on feelings and “maybe”.
you need solid facts.
he needs to damn near wink at you, grab your ass, or be super obvious.
because you will spend YEARS obsessing over someone who is straight and just comfortable.

in all honesty,
just leave him alone and go about your life.
get on a social network and meet a wolf easier.
if this particular wolf is interested in you,
trust me,
you will know.

hope this helps baby.
check the comments.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “f0xmail: How Do I Approach My Classmate Who I Thinks Get Down?”

  1. I’ll keep this short. He talks to a lot of girls, but you think he might be bi or gay? What events have transpired for you to arrive at this? If there are none, I would just write off any plan of testing the waters as he may just be a nice guy.

    S/N: Hey Jamari, I’m a little curious as to how you know that this was submitted by a fox? Was the info provided in the email, because it isn’t evidenced here in the text?

  2. GREAT advice Jamari! The young dude should just learn to be friends with dude and don’t make any sudden moves. He’ll end up like Tariq…(bashed face)

  3. Judging solely from this message, there’s nothing that makes me think dude is anything but friendly & comfortable with himself. In any case, I wouldn’t do anything cuz you’d open yourself to a world of trouble if you’re wrong & lose a friend.

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