WOLF MEAT: (Baller Wolf Cheeks: 104)

everyone meet larry fitzgerald’s cheeks.
ok, now meet his face:

very handsome.
ok, now meet his cheeks draped in khaki again:

that is a serious side hump.
i wonder what his waist size is….

lowkey: i would love if he was a WOLF.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (Baller Wolf Cheeks: 104)”

  1. His face looks a mess in that pic with seersucker jacket on. His face is so gaunt. He ALWAYS needs to rock a beard! Nice booty though!!!!

  2. Thanks Jamari.

    I missed most of his game yesterday, with NFL Sunday ticket, and when I did tune in, he was embracing some Seahawk but the damn scoreboard was hiding his bubble.

    He is fine enough to kidnap.

  3. Larry Fitzgerald is everything! His cakes are amazing but he is handsome as well. I just wanna hold his cakes while he is passionately stroking his dick inside of me lol. His ass is AMAAZANG!

  4. Larry has one of the best azzes in the NFL. Nice round and juicy. I’d love to bury my face inbetween those tasty cakes!

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