does someone need to pull angela simmons to the side?

i remember angela simmons on “run’s house”.
she came off like the cool and lowkey sister in that clan.
nowadays tho…
so a picture of angla has been scrolling down my twitter tl.
i thought it was photoshopped

…but it isn’t.
it shoulda been.
who told her ^this was a good idea?
she needs to banish them.

angela comes off like she’s trying to land a baller wolf

…but she is looking like a try hard.
angela plays “the vixen next door” very well.
the one who might be a freak behind closed doors,
but fools males with that “innocent” look.
the “whore around the block” is not her bag.
the brother tho…

he doesn’t have to “try”.

lowkey: sometimes tho…
the thot pics don’t always get you the relationship,
especially if it doesn’t feel authentic.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “does someone need to pull angela simmons to the side?”

  1. Angela has come a long way since Run’s House. Don’t really know what has transpired in her life since then, aside from the baby, but she has become kind of hardened. Maybe it’s the situation with her baby daddy, maybe there’s more.
    It shows on Growing Up Hip Hop because where she and Vanessa used to be close and fun-loving, even with JoJo, she comes across as distant towards them.
    Maybe she wants to make an identity for herself outside of business ventures with her sister, maybe there is more there that we don’t know about.
    Maybe this picture is a call for attention/help. It does seem out of character for her.
    And if her momma sees it, momma gonna say something…cause ol’ girl don’t play that mess!

      1. I thought that she and her sister had business acumen, but it seems Vanessa has her hand in more stuff than Angela does now, aside from their failed sneaker line some years back.
        I think that dude really messed her head up.

  2. Angela Simmons has always been a undercover whore, she’s now just letting it all hang out. But you can’t have it both ways because when you pull her card on situations like the picture last she has out now she cries out I’m still a virgin I don’t suck dick I don’t get fucked in my ass. Bitch you lie have a seat

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