azealia banks wants to make sure your bussy is on point

so azealia banks has a soap for all your bussy needs.

we’re gonna font about it.
you know i loves shenanigans.

so as you know,
or didn’t,
“bussy” is another term for your “foxhole”.
for those who need to be led to the water,
i’m gonna seriously judge you this sunday

azealia has a soap called “bussyboy” that she sells on her site,

she posted exactly what “bussyboy” does on her twitter.
she gave a a few examples from a happy customer as well…


okay so it makes your bussy clear of dark spots.
something needed for future “thot” poses.
i’m sure that customer is now using his bussy proudly.

i’m not mad at it.
i can hear the stampede heading over to her site now.
you can try “bussyboy” for 17 bucks.
if one of the foxholers gets it,
PLEASE bring me a review.


lowkey: i’d come out with something like that.
i’d have to connect with the right company.
i want all your foxholes to look soft and pretty too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “azealia banks wants to make sure your bussy is on point”

  1. i respect her hustle and thereโ€™s definitely a market for this product. but the most important question is… who is the person in the pics lol?

    they. can. get. it.


  2. Okay so thats a white man! how many white men you know develop dark spots on any area of their body! we need a black guy plus his before & after pic to really determine if her product works!

  3. I don’t know about this soap, but the Wallace Bar she sells is legit. Lathers really well and doesn’t dry your skin out.

  4. Welp, we have pills marketed towards gay men for being clean for bottoming, a butt scrub marketed to gay men, and a booty lighting cream for men so I guess a soap was the next step lol

    I guess it’s an catchy idea but the guy in the pic is of a lighter skin complexion and there really wasn’t that big of a difference, but hey the girl hustling I’ll give her that.

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