azealia banks wants to make sure your bussy is on point

so azealia banks has a soap for all your bussy needs.

we’re gonna font about it.
you know i loves shenanigans.

so as you know,
or didn’t,
“bussy” is another term for your “foxhole”.
for those who need to be led to the water,
i’m gonna seriously judge you this sunday

azealia has a soap called “bussyboy” that she sells on her site,

she posted exactly what “bussyboy” does on her twitter.
she gave a a few examples from a happy customer as well…
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Twink God Reveals His Status

everyone meet twink god.
( x again ).
twink god is the latest wolf to hit the scene.
ever so often,
a out wolf of dreams wanders into our forests.
twink god doesn’t mind if you are feminine because he will date you.
he also doesn’t mind if you have hiv.
he will still bust yo butt cheeks in two.
this is what he put on his facebook via an f-bi
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