my awkward, but fulfilling, second day

i swear,
if i was a tv show,
it’d be called “awkward black fox”.
if i’m around new folks i’m not comfortable with then forget it.
i’m laughing like a donkey or feeling like i have nothing to say.
a whole “where is your fox swagg, jamari?” type of situation.
so today was my first official day by myself at this new gig.

i left my spot early and got to work on time.
when i get there,
i have to make coffee for the office.

why come i couldn’t find the plug?

so while everyone was talking,
and this very attractive snow wolf is standing next to me,
i was sweating because i didn’t want to be embarrassed.
you’re probably thinking:

“Why didn’t you just ask someone?”

that’s too easy.
i need things to be difficult.
so i brought the whole coffee maker into the other kitchen area.
that actually worked out better.

the vixen who trained me did not give me her password.
i was locked out for a good 45 minutes.
now see…
i did ask for help with that.
that ended up getting fixed lickety split.

this older snow wolf asked me to scan over 55 documents to his email.
easy right?
he wanted it done one by one because he wanted them all separate.
it helped the day go by.
when i was done,
there was this awkward conversation,
all i remember was after he told some joke,
i chortled really loud.
something like this:

i quickly shuffled myself back to my desk after that.

i did mess up tho.

firstthe CEO was in the office and i didn’t ask him what he wanted for lunch.
first of all,
the CEO never introduced (or i was introduced) himself to me.
i don’t even know what he looked like.
i figured he wasn’t in the office.
i’ll send a message to him every day from now on.

second when i made the coffee,
i went back to my desk.
they want me to stand there and,
i guess,
talk and mingle while waiting to see if anyone wants anything.
i def have to work on my social skills while in there.
most of the employees did come up to me to break the ice.
it helped.
i wish i was as smooth as what i think trey songz or chris brown would be like.
they both look like they know how to work a room.
i come from “the school of beyonce” type of shyness.
i might need a “sasha fierce”.

all in all,
it was a pretty good day.
i think they like me there.
you never know.
all i know is i did my best and completed all my daily tasks.
that also included that the fridge was stocked with my favs.
i really like the atmosphere so i want to stick around for a while.
we shall see.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “my awkward, but fulfilling, second day”

  1. The coffee and the plug situation was funny to me because I am the same way when I am trying to figure out something. I will not ask someone and would rather be wrong.

  2. That was funny, but I’m glad your day with well. I struggle with asking for help and doing small talk as well. We’re going to get better someday. Lol.

  3. Congratulations on the new job and having a successful day! I want to know what’s stocked in the fridge!! Asking for a friend! haha

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