Dez Bryant: The Press Conference (YOUR 39th THOUGHT)

dez is so my type physically.
but, you know he is also on trial on the foxhole.
but, i won’t decide his judgement.
you will.

check a clip from his press conference from ESPN below…


Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant and his mother appeared at a press conference yesterday to clear the air about Dez’ arrest for attacking her last week…

Neither Dez nor his mother spoke to the assembled media, instead a prepared statement was read by Dez’ lawyer that said in part,

“Did a family disagreement occur? Yes. Did Dez Bryant commit family violence against his mother? No.” 

“They are here together today to show they do love and support each other, just as much as they did before the incident a week ago. But like all families, the Bryants have disagreements.”

“Mr. Bryant and his family understand the serious nature of family violence. They believe when all of the facts are reviewed, Mr. Bryant will be cleared of any allegations of family violence.”

“Angela Bryant does not want charges filed against her son. Ms. Bryant has had an opportunity to speak with other people who witnessed the incident and has field an Affidavit of Non Prosecution with the DeSoto Police Department. She recognizes that under the law, filing an affidavit may not impact the legal outcome of her complaint. She asks that her affidavit be taken into considering in deciding whether it is in the best interest of her family for this to continue in the legal system or allow them to resolve the issue as a family.”

“Dez and his mother believe this is a family matter that can be worked through couseling. “They ask that there not be a rush to judgement concerning their family. They also ask for your continued prayers and support for their family as they work through this matter.”



i loved that “he never hit me” PR spin, as in most public battles.
i would have also loved to hear him speak.
ya know, like this:


vanessa was giving him the “your balls are now my favorite pair of earrings” look.

so what are we thinking fellas?
not guilty?


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6 thoughts on “Dez Bryant: The Press Conference (YOUR 39th THOUGHT)”

  1. My first thought; The both of them look disappointed that the incident even happened.

    I bet his mom wishes she didn’t even report the incident to the police, she just has that look on her face. Now they are saying he didn’t hit her. I see what’s going on here though. Dez did probably hit his mom, and out of the heat of the moment she called the police, and after she did it she wished he didn’t. Shit like this happens all the time.

    As much as I want to treat Dez like a wet food stamp I just can’t. I Love this guy.

  2. Its good that they are going to get counseling, i think he most likely did what she reported. I dont know exactly what went on but its sad. And your mother? Hope they work it out.

    1. ^^this. I can see him having some temper issues, though it’s never cool to hit your Mom – no matter what.

  3. Ima give him a pass, because for one, his mom is his mom true enough and its never acceptable to hit a woman, but I am sure like most studs mom is overly aggressive and carries herself like a man and thinks she is just as bad as he is, I can bet my bottom dollar, that this is not the first time that they have fought, from what I understand they grew up more like brother and sister, his grandmother was the mother figure to both of them, for him to have this much anger is coming from more than we will probably ever know, and obviously he has no respect for her on some deeper level for him to even do this.

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