Jamie Foxx Wants His Hollywood Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids To Come Out The Closet

jamie foxx has some interesting things to say about his hollywood chums.
but from one fox to another foxx

check what he had to say below to MTV News

“Elton John did it. For Frank Ocean to do it and be hip-hop and black, he’s breaking ground, and kudos to him. At the end of the day, his music is for everybody.”

“It’s just the beginning. I have several friends who live in darkness and live in fear, and it’s just time.”


from one fox to another…
or maybe i’m talking to a hybrid or wolf?

…so, your new movie jamie.
maybe i can get an screening invite with after party?
i heard you know how to party…

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10 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Wants His Hollywood Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids To Come Out The Closet”

  1. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Like I said before nobody is coming out anytime unless it’s someone who is new to the industry, at least not in the african american population anyway. Most of us are in the closet with padlocks on the outside of the door, which means they are not coming out unless they are forced out.

  2. Notice how all the closeted black entertainers are being extra careful, being politically correct as possible regarding the Frank Ocean thing. I recall Eve, Ne-Yo, Omarion and others using the word “his choice”. Ironic considering all those artists are so obviously gay and have had gay rumors throughout their careers.

  3. Webster slick as fuck. Just up and made “several friends” a synonym for “myself” and ain’t say a word.

  4. So “Wanda” I mean Jamie Foxx says he has alot of friends that lives in darkness huh…well you know the say birds of a feather flock together! And this niggZs wings are flapping flapping flapping lol!!

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