darrel walls was suffering for his past pandemic alleged sins

we don’t know who is silently suffering out here.
social media is a smokescreen.
we use it to post pretty pictures and videos to distract others from the truth.
folks will post cutesy relationship shit and be secretly unhappy af.
gospel wolf,
darrel walls,
had quite a season last year.
he learned that someone on his close friends is a snake.
he was exposed to the forests to see kissing another male.
( x see that entry here )
you know kissing males ain’t part of that religion.
darrel claims he went through depression and thoughts of suicide,
but he had a message for all of us since coming out of it…

i would have bounced and done my own thing as a solo and secular act.
i’ll be damned if a bunch of people smoking weed,
fuckin recklessly,
and probably ppp loan scamming judge me.

so this is my issue with that christian forest dl folks tend to find shelter in.

It forces people to sneak around so they won’t be judged by other flawed people.

in my forest,
the leaked video was cute but in the christian forest,
it was a sin and “against God”.
i’m so tired of these folks judging others for being human.
darrel wasn’t hurting anyone or committing a crime.
the moment he shared privately was used to embarrass him.
i’m sure by a fellow God-fearing christian too.

i hope he has found peace and flushed all the snakes out.
i bet he is stronger because of his suffering.
i tweeted something last week that fit this whole situation:

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “darrel walls was suffering for his past pandemic alleged sins”

  1. When he was on The Terrell Show(Youtube) with his siblings he mentioned having suicidal thoughts. I think he said it started when he was a teen.I heard a podcast(The Healing Room) he did a few months ago and he mentioned he sees a therapist and talked about the importance of therapy.He also mentioned he forgave the person who released that kiss video but If I remember correctly they are no longer friends.

  2. β€œi’ll be damned if a bunch of people smoking weed,
    fuckin recklessly, and probably ppp loan scamming judge me.”

    Dude….I know some fucking church folks and all of the above is all they fucking do.

  3. You better worry about your own sins…Because God isn’t going to ask you about mine!!! Yes @jamari u better say it!!! Now just blessed me with those TRUE words today!!!! Amen and AMEN AGAIN!!!!

  4. This is what REBIRTH looks like
    Took him all of a year or more to come to grips
    And face his cross.
    How HUMAN we are
    That we rebuke the one that shows us how to die and reborn into a new life.
    How human we are that we continually never practice what we preach.
    Seems to me this REBIRTH was not only for himself
    But also for the brother who was also in the video
    And yet they both committed emotional suicide
    For showing LOVE
    They both suffered
    For showing LOVE
    I hope his rebirth reaches and touch the one person who needs it as much as he needed it.
    I hope he is now able , though his hour of testimony and renewal, to stand up in the middle of that sepulchre of hypocrisy and emptiness, and say with the clarity of his conviction,
    Jesus loves me.

    And as you so eloquently said Jamari
    Worry about Your Sins
    As God won’t ask you about mine.πŸ™πŸΏ

    Love m Light to him. πŸ™πŸΏ

  5. Usually we do not know what people are going through until it’s too late for anyone to intervene. I’m glad he spoke out about it though and hopefully he’ll get to a better place and stay there. Him being outed revealed just how small your circle has to be. You can’t have too many close friends you confide in, the more you have, the higher the chance info leaks out and you have no idea where it came from.

  6. I so get what he feels. I came from a Pentecostal background and remember all too well being on stage Sunday morning operating in your gift, but knowing Friday and Saturday prior, you had been on your knees between some man’s legs or him inside of your hind end. It’s surreal. It’s frustrating, and just a whole bag of balloons and nails trying to coexist in the same bag. It’s wearying. God give him strength and peace. My entire life took a trajectory that was so unpleasant from condemnation. I tried to find my Dad and his love and approval in every man that I sexed with. It’s a heavy cup to sip from.and prayers up for Darrel Walls.❀️🌹

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