darrel walls learned that your close friends list on IG ain’t really that close

this story is very similar to how king agu and clouse were outed.
they posted themselves kissing on their close friends on ig and someone screen swiped it.
( x see that entry here )
i’ll be 100 with you:

I think “Close Friends” is stupid

i don’t do it on any of my social media accounts.
that shit can be screen shot/recorded and passed around like mono.
if i don’t want the forests to know something,
i’m not posting it under the guise of “close friends”.
this is allegedly how gospel singer,
darrel walls,
got caught up and outed…

what a handsome couple.
darrel is fine thooooooooooooo:

but this:

so this person is defending darrel,
yet is gonna make money off his outing by posting it on his patreon?
how un-inspiring.

i’m disgusted at this story but there are two issues i’m having.
so the first thing is ima need darrel to clean up his circle.
someone in his life is a jackal.
people are way too trusting and this is why you have to be careful.
sometimes close friends aren’t actually friends.

if you know you are a gospel artist and sexuality is a taboo subject…

Why would you post your discreet/DL gay relationship on a “close friends”?

you’re not a regula degula.
the movement gotta be different.

darrel disabled his ig when i got the story last night,
but he seems to be back.

at this point,
he needs to stand in his truth.
here is a tip for the foxhole:

If you don’t want people to know something about your life,
stop trying to creep and overshare on what you think is private on social media.

nothing is private on social media.
you are one spiteful jackal away from people knowing your “secrets”.

21 thoughts on “darrel walls learned that your close friends list on IG ain’t really that close

  1. In the life of an individual that struggles with his/her sexuality can lead to death. I don’t know why people judge others when they don’t have the right to judge. We all have skeletons in our closets. So church folks and those so holy look at your own life. Before throwing a stone at another check yourself. GOD is the only judge and if he didn’t want us he wouldn’t have created us!! Learn to live your own life and stay out of others. The church is full of brothers and sisters that love the same sex.

  2. My thoughts are that he wanted it to be out there. I’m not sure what he normally posts on his close friends, something tells me this was the best way he could come out. That leaked sex tape was a test balloon; this was his undeniable revelation.

  3. This isn’t new information to many. It’s just a clearer visual proof of what was already known. If anyone follows his IG, you would’ve known just by all the sexy IG dudes he follows and pics he frequently likes. But, it’s unfortunate for him that he has a bad friend in his circle to provide the visual proof for the world.

    1. Sometimes our actions are motivated from a “soul place”. Our soul is crying out and causes us to do things that would set ourselves free. He may or may not be consciously aware of it but I believe he knew what he was doing. He’s clearly in love with that man and it appears he didn’t want to hide it anymore. I wish them the best!

  4. SMH….. Jamari you hit the nail on the head….. if you know you are a gospel artist and sexuality is a taboo subject…Why would you post your discreet/DL gay relationship on a “close friends”?

    My point exactly but no supersizes here . This generation are caught up in fake relationships, with fake friend, with fake lifestyles to impress people you don’t know. What is that?

    It’s so funny how social media was just this fun thing, and now it’s this monster that consumes so many millennial lives.

  5. he outed himself. nobody made him kiss the other guy where he in fact asked for the kiss. this can go several ways.he was on a public form how could he not know unless deep down he wanted ppl to find out. he will take either the donnie mcclurkin effect to save his career or live his truth and damn the rest. remember church folk…you can be all you want just don’t say it or put it in the public domain. remember those stories about james cleveland and his workshops were notorious back in the day.

  6. Chileee the church and many others been knew Darrel is gay now it’s public, and the church is ready to attack!

    Darrel’s brother & father who is a minister are very homophobic which is why I don’t feel bad for him. Darrel staying in the closet gives more life to the toxicity the church has against gays and he seemed to be fine with that.

    I can’t wait to see the reaction of the “we support Darrel” & “Love is love” crowd when he releases the statement that he’s not gay & the Devil made him do it or the typical I was molested as a child that’s why I’m gay 🙄

    1. now where do did you see his brother or father were homophobic??? Because they do nothing but support this man. It’s people like you that make people feel as if they can’t live in their truth.

      1. I followed his brother on ig, he’s a very nasty person, his dad tried to sue a blogger who had Darrel’s sex tape and used very vile language when referring to gays only words homophobic use.
        Like I said 2020 is the year of exposure and Darrel is no different than anybody else who’s been exposed this year

        Oh yea……F*%K YOU!!

        1. you sound real mad and uniformed, sis. If someone was trying to leak a fake sex tape (because it’s certainly not this dude) you’re telling me that you and you’re brother wouldn’t be upset? Chile go have a few much needed seats.

      2. On Lipstick Alley somebody said his brother made a birthday post and said they weren’t close.Apparently the two oldest siblings are close and the sisters are close but not the brothers.I don’t know why.

        They also said the father had a lot to say, anti gay stuff, after the sex video was leaked but he has been silent after the kiss video.One person calls him Papa Denial Walls.

  7. praying for Darrell. I know, and I think we all know someone who’s been outed. I can be the worst feeling in the world. I hope he’s strong enough to get through this. He always has such positive energy that shouldn’t be taken by anyone!

    1. Oh damn “they were dating the same girl” ?

      i sort of I wish this video didn’t exist.Now some women are going to say, “Look at them they are/were those “evil” DL men, dating women while screwing men on the low.I read many comments from women saying they didn’t have an issue with him because he wasn’t dating/misleading women.

      Well anyway I’m surprised he posted this video after that alleged sex tape of him was leaked last year.I would think he would be extremely careful but anyway I hope this doesn’t destroy his gospel career.I know being gay/bisexual almost destroyed Tonex now B Slade’s gospel career.But now he is/was(before COVID) touring with Patti Labelle.And he has done some gospel performances on TV in the last year or so.

        1. Yes he has a sex tape. It’s really hard to tell if it’s really him though. If it is him, he makes a lovely top LoL. I have a theory though. First your sex tape leaks last year and now you kissing your boyfriend. Maybe he was looking for a way out of the closet. I noticed when his sex tape leaked. All of his family came out and said it’s not him and he’s not gay. Darrell goes and IG and does a video. He never confirmed nor denied it was him in the video. What’s even more strange is your whole family is screaming you’re not gay but not once has he said it.

          1. ^i JUST posted the alleged sex tape.
            his stroke is pretty decent.
            no shade,
            but dl church wolves can get A LOT of foxtail.
            church can get you some easy sex tbh.

            he might be trying to out himself by these various stunts.
            purposely doing everything to let his family know he is gay.

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