its the ones who think it was a privilege to be in their lives

*i really liked her.
in my eyes,
she was the dopest person i met thus far.
imagine me telling others about how dope she was.
there i go,
boosting someone up because i really dug their energy.
when i really like someone’s energy,
i want them around.

in my world,
i felt we had a connection.
in her world,
i was disposable.
when i contacted her,
to find out why she was purposely ignoring me,
i got no answer
text thread deleted.
it dead hurt my feelings because i liked her.

i imagined us being good friends for a long time even after working together.
what an asshole i turned out to be.

some people are really delusional that it’s almost cute.
they think they are God’s gift to the creation and they benefit everyone in their life.
their parents did a horrible job of convincing them they were “someone”.

you know what i’m tired of?…

People who think it’s a privilege to be their friend.
People who think it’s a privilege to date them.

these folks have no connections,
nothing going on in their lives,
have a trail of bad relationships behind them,
wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight,
the sex is average at best,
and they don’t bring anything to the table but weed.
even the weed be basic.
you on the other hand have tremendous shit going on and are still humble af.
your light shines brighter than theirs ever will or did.
so my next question is…

What is the privilege of being in their life exactly?

the privilege of being hurt?
your life being ruined?
wondering what you did wrong after they ghosted you?
in the grand scheme of things,
they are usually narcissistic social climbers or sociopaths.
 my next question for you is:

If they are pretty much on the painful levels of basic,
why would you even want them in your life?

once we start seeing we were better than all of those “privileged and high society” jackals,
they lose their power and continue being emotionally and spiritually poor.
water ends up seeking its own level.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “its the ones who think it was a privilege to be in their lives”

  1. This is a very insightful article. I never understood how some people can allow others to think U are begging for their friendship or approval..If that is what the relationship is based on then U aren’t friends, the relationship isn’t mutual.. Get a backbone, People will only be able to treat U the way U allow them to.. I find people like that to be pathetic..

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