darrel walls was suffering for his past pandemic alleged sins

we don’t know who is silently suffering out here.
social media is a smokescreen.
we use it to post pretty pictures and videos to distract others from the truth.
folks will post cutesy relationship shit and be secretly unhappy af.
gospel wolf,
darrel walls,
had quite a season last year.
he learned that someone on his close friends is a snake.
he was exposed to the forests to see kissing another male.
( x see that entry here )
you know kissing males ain’t part of that religion.
darrel claims he went through depression and thoughts of suicide,
but he had a message for all of us since coming out of it…

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life sucks and that’s okay

i heard a quote the other day that really stuck with me.
for some,
it might be negative,
but i will bring it around to something positive.
i promise.
so the quote went:

“Life is suffering.”

the origin of said quote is unknown,
but from research,
it may or may not have come from buddha.
life might have it’s moments of suckage,
but that suffering is actually good for you.
when i look back at my own suffering…

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