Ciara Gets Her Models On

tumblr_mcmf53v1WJ1rhf1mfo1_r1_500well she may not be able to sell “jackie”,
but ciara damn sure sold this!
an vix-bi sent me this update today.
she is the new face of roberto cavalli’s ’15 spring/summer and well…

…well shit!
i’m sold!

34db52fe_Screen_Shot_2015-01-15_at_12.32.10_PM.xxxlargethe vixen needs to get on her modeling.
this singing thing maybe a hobby at this point.
a baller wolf and now a modeling contract?
wilsondancei’m not mad at this at all.
go ciara!

your stock is up!

lowkey: if she releases a video for “dancing like we making love”
she is clearly listening to jesus now.

 Images via Roberto Cavalli/Francesco Carrozzini

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Ciara Gets Her Models On”

  1. I’ve loved Roberto Cavalli for years. This is a great thing for her. He used Nicki Minaj last season for his campaign, it’s great to see designers using African American women in their ad campaigns.

  2. Damn CiCi why you gotta to put these other chicks on punishment like this. I see she aint playing no games this time around, I think she is concentrating on the world market, I can see her still being huge oversees especially since she can dance her ass off. She could go to Japan and slay, they love dancing acts over there. This is a good look for her and I think it will ultimately help her album sales, just because she is not selling out in the US dont mean she aint big in Europe or other countries. Another Gold Star for you CiCi.

  3. Russell Wilson looks good as FUCK in that gif. Him biting his lip…..he does it for me. Shaking my head

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