Cee Lo Green and The Phone That Was Tha Bomb?

i saw this video on baller alert and it scared TF out of me.
so the video shows cee lo green of “the voice” on a phone call in a studio.
as he is talking,
something allegedly left field happens.
that’s the part that scared TF out of me.
check this out foxhole…

omg is that real????
is he dead?
what phone was that?
i have so much questions right now!
if this is real,
i hope cee lo is okay!

video taken: baller alert

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Cee Lo Green and The Phone That Was Tha Bomb?”

  1. I think it’s the Note 7 (or whatever phone was getting recalled). If you have an iPhone you’re fine. lol. No but on a serious note, it is scary! Then what sucks even more is that he can’t sue (I think) because unless he’s been living under a rock somewhere everybody knows that they’ve been asking for recalls due to the explosives.

  2. Between the Samsung phones and those electronic cigarettes exploding…it’s not safe to carry anything electronic around.

    1. Ha, right, I was just about to say the same thing: fuck e-cigs AND Samsung Gal Notes, shiiit…or use a bluetooth….there hasn’t been any exploding episodes with these right? …or yet.

  3. I hope he’s not dead, otherwise that video is really macabre. That’s really scary. They need to do phone la Nokia 3310 again lol

  4. It’s fake. Phones don’t explode, they burn. Also, the phone screen appears to be on when it’s to his ear. Phones display turn off when to the ear. Fake

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