Can Someone Get Drake The Manual To His Bugatti, Please?

drake_mtv_vmashow embarrassing drake.
how you gon’ get my favorite car,
a bugatti,
and not know how to turn it on?
i had second hand embarrassment watching this…


redman-look-away-o…sooooo not sexy son.
drake should have a reality show.
id watch.

lowkey: i’m looking forward for his album tho.
i always like his music and mixtapes.
he knows how to stir up my “sensahvivities” and thoughtfulness and shit.

sounds so 80s swagg.
this track listing looks pretty dope:

‘Nothing Was the Same’ Album Tracklist

1. Tuscan Leather
2. Furthest Thing
3. Started From The Bottom
4. Wu-Tang Forever
5. Own It
6. Worst Behavior
7. From Time
8. Hold On, We’re Going Home
9. Connect
10. The Language
11. 305 To My City (f/ Detail)
12. Too Much
13. Pound Cake (f/ Jay Z)
14. Come Thru
15. All Me (f/ Big Sean & 2 Chainz)

no ( x girls like beyonce ) ?

pound cake huh?

i’m interested in what that’s about.
as much as my mind had another topic,
i bet its about money.
album comes out september 24th.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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