Caitlyn Jenner Wants Your Attention (Again)

so caitlyn jenner is getting dolled up for another interview.
i know.
diane sawyer is doing it again.
i know.
this is what the hollywood reporter had to say about it…
(i know)

Diane Sawyer and Caitlyn Jenner will meet again.

The ABC News anchor is set to sit down with Jenner to mark the two-year anniversary of their groundbreaking 2015 interview, in which Jenner opened up about her transition for the first time.

Airing April 21 at 10 p.m., the hourlong 20/20 special coincides with the release of Jenner’s memoir, The Secrets of My Life. David Sloan and Mark Robertson will serve as senior exec producer and senior producer, respectively, on the telecast.

There had been talks of the two doing a one-year follow-up interview, but the upcoming 20/20 special will be their first since the breakthrough broadcast.

Since the landmark interview, Jenner has gone onto star in and exec produce her own E! reality show, I Am Cait, which lasted two seasons, and she continues to make appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Other recent TV gigs include Transparent and The Celebrity Apprentice.

she is selling a book.

oh okay.
well that makes sense.
the following tickled me tho.
another UN-satsified customer:

what is he calling caitlyn for?
why don’t she head on down to trump towers like kanye did?
caitlyn just seems very lost to me.
you know where she isn’t lost?
kris jenner’s closet.
ya’ll should have kept her there.

lowkey: which one of the foxhole is reading her memoirs for the book club?

article taken: the hollywood reporter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner Wants Your Attention (Again)”

  1. I don’t know what to think of this situation anymore. More power to ya, but I’m gonna skip the interview and the book.

  2. I am not watching another interview. The 15 minutes are up.

    S/N: Where are the curves in the first pics?

  3. She should be the last person to be called on the matter. I know there are better trans women who can represent and explain what needs to be done better than her.

  4. I hope the book says that they were into orgies with the Simpsons and she got to cuckolded by O.J. and deepthroat it along with Kris. Or maybe walking in on Lamar playing with Rob’s fat ol booty. I’d read that.

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