Safaree Gonna Let This Hurt Go For 2017

oh safaree...
cum let me lay my head on your chest so we can talk.
safaree is having a hard time letting go.
i get it.
being done wrong,
especially by someone you thought would never leave,
is tough.
doing a video like this on his ig story tho via the shade room

it’s over safaree.
simple as that.
he is handsome af and actually quite talented:

instead of being a solo artist,
there is more money to be made writing for others.
maybe this is already happening,
i don’t know,
but i think he needs to put foot to gas on his past.
he is establishing himself as a brand,
his social media is poppin,
and he is getting pussy.
plus he looks much better than he did when he was with “her”:

again: i get it.
i’ve been there and can still be there at times.
God is still working on me.
let karma deal with it and head ——–>
s’all i’m saying.

lowkey: where are “her” singles now?
last i saw,
“no frauds” is #93.
Β the other 2 are in another dimension on the itunes chart.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Safaree Gonna Let This Hurt Go For 2017

  1. hmm Typical for a talented Jamaican . no business head, no idea of the music business, led by his dick head and not his brain and now lamenting the fact that he got no money for anything he wrote for his EX.

    Well WHO IS TO BLAME SWEET BOY ? YOU you dumb ass, YOU. She ditched his ass and now he is hoping HE will GET something and he doesn’t even know WHAT to ask for. Heard he wanted 2 million! HELLO????? 2 million????? Nigga ask for 10 and you MAY GET 2.

    He;s young though. Hopefully as he gets older somehow his brain cells will mature and start to make sound decisions. Nice looking, big ole dick and talented but just A DUMB ASS NIGGA

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